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Laying Horses To Lose

Betting on horses has been a pastime for over 100 years and millions each year enjoy outing to the racetrack for bet on the horses. It is only in the last 10 years that people have been given the opportunity to lay horses to lose. So what is laying horses to lose mean you may ask? It simply means you are acting as if you are the bookmaker. By that I mean you offer people odds on a horse winning. If the horse wins you pay out at the agreed odds. If it loses you keep the stake.

The online website Betfair was the first website to offer this on a large scale. Well that isn't strictly true as there was a site called flutter before it, but Betfair brought it to a larger audience.

So when you lay a horse to lose you want the selections to get beat. Finding horses to lose on a consistent basis is harder than you think. Sure you can lay outsiders and for a long time you will be in profit. The problem is if one of the outsiders wins then you will have to pay out a big sum. For instance if you lay 100/1

shot for $10 and it wins you would have to pay out $1000. This is a large sum to most people and not is something you would want to happen too often.

The solution is to lay horses at lower odds. Personally I never lay at odds of more than 5/1 as that is more than enough odds for me. Sure I lay a lot more winners than someone that lays 100/1 horses but when I do lay a loser it doesn't cost me as much money.

Selecting the correct horses to lose is the vital thing. You will never get it correct 100% of the time but with a good selection process you can keep losses to a minimum. To help pick you selections use websites like the racing post and sportinglife both of which have large racing sections. You could also use many of the online horse rating sites.

This article is on betfair bots is by Richard Goldie. The owner of betting products reviewed website.

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