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Women in Poker Hall of Fame Voting – One Writer’s Opinion

After a month of nominations from the poker community and a couple of weeks of review by the Nomination Committee, the Women in Poker Hall of Fame has put together an outstanding list of nominees for induction this year. The 11 nominees run the gamut of the poker world, from working behind the scenes as important cogs in the machine to being some of the most visible performers on the grandest stages. Unfortunately (at least at this point), they cannot all go in, with the responsibilities of selecting the inductees on a select panel of past inductees and media members – including this writer’s opinion. Having a vote on anything as important as a Hall of Fame is a badge of honor. In essence, you are structuring how the history of (in this case) women in poker will be remembered. It is something that should not be taken lightly and,

Quartet of Women Professional Poker Players Earn Sponsorship Deals

In the current world of poker sponsorships, the well seems to be quite dry. Compared to the burgeoning period from 2004-2010 when sponsorships were handed out like Snickers bars during Halloween, the last five years has actually seen a significant decline in the number of sponsorship deals handed to top pros. It may not be a significant change to the system but, according to poker journalist Jennifer Newell at PokerUpdate, recent moves indicate that poker rooms are loosening up the purse strings, at least for one segment of the poker world, the ladies. 888Poker has traditionally been ahead of the loop when sponsoring female poker players. For many years Sofia Lofgren has been a part of the stable alongside Kara Scott and U. S.-specific player Jessica Dawley. In the past, Canada’s Xuan Liu was a member of Team 888Poker. Now Lofgren has another female partner with the team in Natalie

Victoria Coren-Mitchell, Debbie Burkhead Earn 2016 Induction into Women in Poker Hall of Fame

After a little glitch in their tabulating system negated their public vote (more on that in a moment), the Women in Poker Hall of Fame induction committee has named the two women who will join the hallowed halls of the organization during an induction ceremony this fall. For the first time earlier this month, the WiPHoF opened up voting for the general public to determine one vote as to who they believed should be inducted from these nominees: Debbie Burkhead Victoria Coren-Mitchell Mandy Glogow Karina Jett Shirley Rosario Esther Rossi Jennifer Tilly The voting from the public was quite vociferous, according to WiPHoF director Lupe Soto, but there was a glitch in the system that caused some issues. “When the system was set up, it was only supposed to accept one vote per IP address,” Soto stated to Poker News Daily earlier this week. “Unfortunately, we discovered that if someone

Women in Poker Hall of Fame Offering Public Vote in Selecting Next Members

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is set to induct a new class of members to their rolls this fall. In the past, they have traditionally kept their voting “in the house,” meaning that a select committee and the past inductees were the only ones who were voting on new members. For the 2016 class, however, the WiPHoF has decided to offer the poker public a voice in the matter. First, here’s a list of the potential inductees and a quick word as to their qualifications: Debbie Burkhead – Longtime player, reporter, photographer and instructor, involvement with poker since the mid-90s. Karina Jett – Outstanding tournament and cash game history, advocate for women in the game since the late 1990s. Victoria Coren-Mitchell – The only two-time champion in the history of the European Poker Tour, longtime veteran of the toughest cash games in Europe. Mandy Glogow – Television producer

Women in Poker Hall of Fame Seeking Nominees for 2016 Class

After taking a couple of years away from nominations, the Women in Poker Hall of Fame is back in 2016 to induct a new class of nominees. As the Poker Hall of Fame does, the WiPHoF looks to the general public to nominate players for the prestigious honor of joining the rolls of some of the greatest ladies to have ever graced the felt. In a change from past years, people who visit the Women in Poker Hall of Fame website to nominate potential candidates will have the opportunity to name two people. Previous to this year, it was limited to one candidate per e-mail address. With the extra candidate listing, it is possible that the Women’s Hall can put together a solid list of candidates that might be utilized in the future for candidacy. Again like their counterpart in the Poker Hall of Fame, there are a few criteria