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New Netflix Movie “Win It All” The Next Great Gambling Film?

It isn’t very often that movies about gambling – and especially poker – come across any of the forms of media from Hollywood. Arguably the best known of this genre is the seminal poker film Rounders and there are few other examples that would compare (for comedy, check out The Grand and, to help Matt Savage’s retirement fund, go for Lucky You). A new effort that didn’t even go to the silver screen is now drawing attention for its realistic look at gambling and poker. One of the best things that has come from the streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix is that they are now developing their own programming. That’s where a fan of gambling films can find Win It All, streaming on Netflix basically any time that the viewer wants to watch it. The movie has a 95% approval rating on the movie website Rotten

PokerStars Adds “Win the Button” Tournaments to Schedule

PokerStars announced today that it has added a number of “Win the Button” tournaments to its schedule, building on the success of this poker tournament variation in the online poker room’s sponsored live events. The Win the Button format has appeared now and again online, but has generally just been one of those one-off, fun, gimmicky types of games. The name of the game is an accurate descriptor: in Win the Button events, whoever wins the hand is automatically put in the dealer’s position – the button – for the next hand. As most of our readers likely know, the button is the most powerful seat at the table, as the player in that spot acts last in each betting round.* There is no limit to how many times in a row someone can be on the button, so the winner of a hand already has a slight edge to