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2015 – The Year in Poker, Part 3: The Weird World of Poker Off The Felt

As we enter the final week of the year 2015, it is time to take a look back at some of the great moments of the past year and maybe even some of the less popular times. If there is one thing that is known about the world of poker, it is that there can be some weird, wild and abnormal news that comes out regarding the game. Whether it is involving the players or a particular game or situation, the game of poker always seems to provide fodder. A quick look over the last 12 months will give everyone a chance to remember these times. In a case that would take up much of the early half of 2015, businessman/high stakes poker player Paul Phua and his son were denied the right to return to the poker tables by a Las Vegas circuit court judge in January. Citing the