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Unibet Pares Back High Stakes Cash Games

It has been a while since we have heard of an online poker room cutting back its high stakes cash game offerings, but here we are again. Unibet Poker has announced that it has removed its highest level of cash game, the €800 No-Limit and Pot-Limit tables. There was not a whole lot of action at these lofty heights, but Unibet feels that their elimination is the best move for the health of its poker economy. The games were added less than a year ago, in March 2017. Unibet’s Head of Poker David Pomroy explained: Our main priority has always been to safeguard the ecology of our site as everything we do is ultimately built on that foundation. The addition of NL800 and PL800 had contributed to short-handed games and slightly faster loss rates of recreational players at our higher stakes. Although the situation was by no means critical, we

Unibet to Launch Around the World Dream Raffle with New Poker Software

With Unibet set to go live with its long-awaited new poker client on Thursday, the online poker room is also gearing up for spiffy new giveaway to promote the upgraded software. Dubbed the “Around the World Dream Raffle,” Unibet will be giving two dozen phenomenal trips away, including one that will treat someone to a month-long vacation visiting some of the greatest locations on Earth. Starting December 1st, the day the new poker client goes live, Unibet will randomly drop raffle tickets at the real money cash tables. The player on the button at the lucky table that is chosen at any given moment will win the Around the World Dream ticket, while the rest of the players at the table will be granted Unibet Open qualifier tickets. All tickets are not created equal, however. The higher the stakes of the cash game table (No-Limit and Pot-Limit only, not Fixed-Limit),

Unibet Balking at Lottery Sit-and-Go’s

Lottery Sit-and-Go’s are arguably the hottest thing going in online poker. Seemingly every online poker site and network is adding its own version of the game to its lobby. One exception, though, is Unibet. In an interview with PokerIndustryPRO (paywall), Unibets’ Head of Poker, Andrew West, explained that his site has no plans to join the fray and launch a Lottery Sit-and-Go variant. Standard poker, whether it be ring games, Sit-and-Go’s, or multi-table tournaments, can be a heck of a lot of fun. Poker can also get boring. Games can become a test of patience and willpower, as players just fold, fold, fold, check, fold, and maybe raise once in a while. When I played regularly, I was a tight player myself, but just as I hated it when the table was too loose and crazy (I know, I should like that), it got incredibly irritating when everyone was as