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great poker playerDownload link: Zynga’s newest game, Treasure Isle, has quickly grown to 4.3 million users since the company announced the game a week ago. It’s a clone of another game in a genre borrowed from casual game web sites (zSlide’s Treasure Madness). But it looks like it will do the job of stopping a slide in users at Zynga. Although it’s still the most successful Facebook game company, four of Zynga’s six major games have been losing traffic, according to (More about that in our story about Zynga’s $5 billion valuation.) Another recent game, Poker Blitz, hasn’t done that well in its first three weeks. Treasure Isle is taking off faster than the company’s FarmVille game, which has 83 million monthly active users (according to AppData) and remains by far the biggest hit on Facebook. And Treasure Isle is managing to grow fast despite Facebook’s recent restrictions