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Rep. Charlie Dent Retiring from Congress Earlier Than Expected

You know that feeling when you are around a person and you think to yourself, “Why won’t they just go away already?” Well, I’ve never been around him, but I’ve had that feeling about Rep. Charlie Dent (R – Penn.) for a while now. And guess what? He’s actually about to go away! Last fall, Dent announced that he would not run for re-election, but recently, he decided he wasn’t even going to wait for the end of his term and would walk away within the next few weeks. Though he is not my representative (mine is actually worse), I will not miss him. Dent has positioned himself as a moderate Republican, serving as co-chair of the Tuesday Group Caucus, which is supposed to be a counter to the continued shifting of the party to the far right. But despite this positioning, Dent took up an extremely conservative stance on

Jackpot Digital’s Jake Kalpakian: “Jackpot Blitz is Different than Other Automated Tables”

In the business world, one of the key things to have is a leader that not only knows his product and audience but also has the vision to move forward in that industry. Jake Kalpakian, the Chief Executive Officer of Jackpot Digital, is arguably one of those people. Through his vision and leadership, he has moved Jackpot Digital from mobile phones into the casino gaming industry and, by extension, into the poker arena. Jackpot Digital’s major offering for the poker world is its entirely automated table known as Jackpot Blitz. The Jackpot Blitz table will be making its debut in 2018, but it has roots that stretch back a decade. With Kalpakian helming the company, the Jackpot Blitz table may make more of an impact on the live poker world than its predecessors did. Poker News Daily had a chance to speak with Kalpakian recently, where we learned more about

2016 WPT Borgata Poker Open: Farid Jattin Holds Lead at Final Table with More Than Half the Chips in Play

The final table has been determined for the World Poker Tour’s stop at the Borgata Poker Open in Atlantic City, NJ this afternoon and, from all appearances, it might be a quick one. Farid Jattin is the overwhelming leader of the final six, holding more than half the chips in play when the cards hit the air today. 30 men came back on Thursday to whittle their way down to the traditional WPT six-handed final table. At the top of the heap to start the day was WPT champion Matt Waxman with his 2.791 million chips, but Simon Lam (2.268 million), Jattin (2.16 million) and Phong Vip Nguyen (two million even) all joined him in the two million chip club atop the leaderboard. Lurking down the leaderboard were such dangerous pros as Paul Volpe, former “November Niner” Jesse Sylvia and John Racener. On the very first hand of the day,

More Questions than Answers after Dreyfus Q&A about Global Poker League

One thing that cannot be doubted with Mediarex Sports & Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Dreyfus is that he isn’t thinking about improving poker. From implementing the Global Poker Index and turning it into the premier metric for measuring poker professionals to creating the Global Poker Masters, Dreyfus has been able to demonstrate his vision quite well. When it comes to his latest effort, the Global Poker League, Dreyfus still leaves many more questions than answers. In a three hour session on Twitch on Wednesday, Dreyfus put a little bit of meat on the bones of what he has been promoting with the GPL. The league would be built around 12 teams located around the world. Those 12 teams would be split into two conferences, the GPL Americas and the GPL EurAsia. The GPL Americas will tentatively feature teams in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas and

Poker Central Debut Less Than Exciting Over Streaming Networks Rather Than Actual Television

After hyping their product as “the world’s only round-the-clock poker TELEVISION network” (emphasis by author), yesterday’s debut of Poker Central was rather disappointing as it became painfully apparent that the new “channel” is nothing more than a streaming outlet, falling far short of the requirement for a TELEVISION station or network. Visitors to the Poker Central website are sent to a specific area of their website that lists the “outlets” where Poker Central can be found. At this time, only the streaming devices Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox One and offer the channel in their lineups, with the Xbox 360 being listed as “available soon.” Not listed in any of these offerings are such other popular streaming outlets as the Chromecast, the PlayStation 4 or Apple TV. What is missing from this list also? How about any of the major cable carriers in the United States or the remainder of