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Tony Romo Talks DFS with Texas Lawmakers

Tony Romo is somewhat of a controversial figure in Dallas sports history. He played for the NFL’s Cowboys for over a decade, most of that as the team’s starting quarterback. He had his injury problems, but when healthy, he was generally quite good with moments of greatness. In 2014, the last season in which he was healthy (he played in 15 of 16 regular season games), Romo led the league in passer rating, completion percentage, touchdown percentage, and yards per pass attempt. Despite his regular season success, though, he only played in six playoff games, winning just two. Nevertheless, most fans in the state love him (it doesn’t hurt that he is a nice guy) and, as such, the now-retired Romo was honored by the state legislature last week with a ceremonial resolution. While he was in the state capitol, Romo met with several lawmakers about the possibility of legalizing

DFS Ruled Illegal in Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a written opinion Tuesday, declaring daily fantasy sports (DFS) to be illegal under current state law. The two leading DFS sites, DraftKings and FanDuel, have both issued statements disagreeing with Paxton, but it does not appear that either intends on withdrawing from the state any time soon. It does not seem that Paxton has it out for DFS; he wasn’t “going after” the DFS big boys. Rather, the issued the opinion in response to questions asked of him by Texas State Representative Myra Crownover, who requested a ruling on a) whether DFS was legal and b) whether fantasy sports were legal if the house does not take a rake. In answering the first question, he dove right into the “skill versus chance” argument, but ended said argument very quickly. Paxton wrote that while it may be true that skill plays a role in daily

When did you start playing Texas Holdem?

I commenced engage in Texas Holdem when I was ten, tiny income game titles with the household. $ ten, $ 5 minor video games. Be all around eight-9 individuals so they were exciting. When did you commence enjoying? Btw: Sorry if theirs previously a thread on this! If their is, if you could link it, thatd be amazing 😀 Cardschat Poker Community forums

BILLIONAIRE: All I Know About Investing In Startups I Learned Playing Poker – Business Insider:poker player daniel negreanu

greatest poker player BILLIONAIRE: All I Know About Investing In Startups I Learned Playing PokerBusiness InsiderA billionaire investing in Silicon Valley startups told to me the other day that he invests using the same strategy he uses to play poker, specifically Texas Hold'em. In Texas Hold'em, each player gets two cards for themself.and more » old poker player

Hi Card Player readers! – blog:betfair poker rakeback

cellsino poker rakeback Hi Card Player readers! (blog)I've been playing poker practically every day since I was dealt my first hand in 2005 when my friends in University introduced me to no-limit Texas hold'em for the first time. I feel in love with the complex and competitive nature of the game, … poker host rakeback