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Israeli Tax Authority Targeting Poker Players for Investigation

According to reports from one of Israel’s business websites, several Israeli poker players are currently under siege, but not because they play poker. They are allegedly the target of the Israeli government and the Israeli Tax Authority for monies that are allegedly owed to the government. The website Globes and writer Ela Levi-Weinrib are reporting that, along with those people potentially hiding revenue from real estate sales and foreign bank accounts outside the country, Israeli poker players have come under fire for either underreporting or not reporting their incomes accurately. According to Levi-Weinrib, these players are debating with the Israeli Tax Authority over how their income should be taxed and whether they should even be taxed because of the expenses they incur. The potential tax income for the Israeli government borders on tens of millions of shekels (the monetary base for Israel). Levi-Weinrib states that, two weeks ago, the Israeli

888poker Ad Campaign Targeting Recreational Players

It has been a long time since we saw any online poker commercials here in the United States. Those of you who have been around poker for at least a decade may remember the awful “bad poker face” PartyPoker commercials (perhaps better known as the “OOOOOOHHHH PARTYPOKER!” ads). And of course, before Black Friday, we had some decent, humorous Full Tilt spots with the sites many star players. But now, not so much, for obvious reasons. But in the United Kingdom, it is a different story. Recently, 888poker launched a new ad campaign in the UK that continues the now multi-year trend of targeting recreational players. Rather than showing a hardened, calculating professional player conducting mental gymnastics and looking serious behind mirrored shades, the “Live the Game” campaign conveys a more silly, fun approach to the game of poker. In an eGaming Review piece, 888 PR and Marketing Director Sivan