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Daniel Daniyar Takes Down WPT Amsterdam, Andreas Klatt Earns “MonteDam Swing” Championship

 Daniel Daniyar Takes Down WPT Amsterdam, Andreas Klatt Earns “MonteDam Swing” Championship

The World Poker Tour has wrapped up its pre-World Series of Poker schedule with the close of action at the Holland Casino in Amsterdam. As to their WPTDeepStacks Main Event, Daniel Daniyar started the day with the second biggest stack and finished it with all the chips to take the title, while Andreas Klatt celebrated an outstanding run of poker between Monte Carlo and Amsterdam to win the “MonteDam Swing.”

As previously stated, Daniyar (1.8 million) started the day with the second biggest stack, trailing only Jan Jansma (2.365 million) on the leaderboard. They were the only two players above a million chips as Jorn Walthaus (845K), Louis Salter (735K), Jonathan Rozema (495K) and Shyngis Satubayev (430K) rounded out the final table on Saturday. From the start, Daniyar was on the offensive, starting a run that would only end with him winning the title.

Daniyar set the tone from the first hand of action, calling Rozema’s all-in and proving to be correct in the call when his K-Q was besting Rozema’s 7-5 pre-flop. There was a seven on the flop, but it was joined by a King to keep Daniyar in the lead. After an uneventful turn and river, Rozema would hit the rail in sixth. Ten minutes later, it was Walthaus’ turn to hit the exits, with Daniyar pulling off another knockout with K-Q. With Walthaus leading pre-flop with his A-8 off suit, the 10-3-5 flop looked innocent enough. After a nine came on the turn, Daniyar now had outs to a straight along with his potential to pair his paint. The river not only was paint, it was a Jack, giving Daniyar a winning straight and sending Walthaus out in fifth place.

Now with the lead, Daniyar did not take his foot off the gas. Although Salter would take down Satubayev in fourth, Daniyar dived right back into the pool in bumping off Jansma in a shocker of a hand. After doubling up both his opponents, it looked as if Daniyar would do it again when he made a bit of a questionable play. In that hand, Jansma put out a raise, Daniyar three-bet and, after Jansma moved all in, made the call. His 6♠ 3♠ shrunk up against the red Kings of Jansma, but the fates held another story. A 6-3-4 flop hit Daniyar squarely and, by the time the river brought another trey to give him a boat, Daniyar had vanquished the mighty Cowboys of Jansma, ending Jansma’s night in third place.

Everyone thought it would be a quick heads up session – Daniyar held a monstrous 6.2 million stack to Salter’s 500K – but Salter would prove to be a worthy opponent. Three double ups over a half-hour span would shoot Salter to the lead and another half-hour would put him up by a margin similar to what Daniyar started with. Daniyar would recompose himself and got back in the game, however, and with a flourish. Another half-hour of play would see Daniyar not only retake the lead after he hit a flush to best Salter’s Kings, but stunningly win the tournament.

On the penultimate hand, Salter pushed all in with a J-8 off suit and Daniyar was happy to look him up with a leading A-4. The board never presented any threats, coming down 10-2-3-K-6, to keep Daniyar in the lead, making him the first champion of the WPT to hail from Kazakhstan.

1. Daniel Daniyar, €152,600
2. Louis Salter, €106,710
3. Jan Jansma, €65,570
4. Shyngis Satubayev, €39,885
5. Jorn Walthaus, €30,800
6. Jonathan Rozema, €25,525

Along with Daniyar’s victory was the awarding of the PokerStars Championship/WPT “MonteDam Swing.” The WPT and PokerStars teamed up for a joint promotion in which players had the opportunity to win excellent prizes if they competed in both the PSC Monte Carlo and the WPT Amsterdam. Two events in Monte Carlo – the €5000 Main Event and the PokerStars National Championship – and two in Amsterdam – the WPTDeepStacks Main Event and a smaller buy in event prior to the Main – were used to compile points for the players, with the caveat that the winner had to have cashed in both Monte Carlo and Amsterdam.

After Monte Carlo, there was pretty much no reason to go on. Germany’s Andreas Klatt, who won the National Championship in Monte Carlo and cashed in the Main Event, didn’t even know there was a special competition going on when he traveled to Amsterdam for the WPT festivities. Once informed that he was in line to take the “MonteDam Swing,” Klatt made the most of it, finishing tenth in the WPTDeepStacks Main Event to earn the qualifying cash to meet the requirements and pick up the “MonteDam Swing” championship. As a reward for his efforts, Klatt earned his buy-in for the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event, which will be contested later this year.

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World Poker Tour, PokerStars Team for Unique “MonteDam Swing”

 World Poker Tour, PokerStars Team for Unique “MonteDam Swing”

For the first time in both organizations’ existences, the World Poker Tour and PokerStars are teaming up for a unique event. Called the “PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing,” it will combine two events, one from each organization, into a competition like the traditional WPT “California Swing” each spring in the States of America. For competing in the “MonteDam Swing,” eligible players (more on this in a minute) will have the opportunity to win tournament buy-ins for their efforts.

“Both PokerStars and the World Poker Tour are committed to growing the game of poker, and the PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing was developed to benefit players competing at both PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo and WPT Amsterdam,” said Edgar Stuchly, PokerStars Director of Live Events. “This exciting partnership allows players a natural transition from one world-class festival to another, and we encourage our players to head to WPT Amsterdam following their time in Monte Carlo.”

Adam Pliska, the Chief Executive Officer of the WPT, echoed Stuchly’s thoughts in saying, “For many years, PokerStars and the World Poker Tour have collaborated behind the scenes to ensure the scheduling of our major events is done in the best interest of the players. We are proud to take the collaboration a step further with the creation of the PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing, and we welcome all players to kick off a spectacular three weeks of poker by attending PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo starting April 25.”

As Pliska stated, the PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing will kick off with the stop by the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo. There are two events there that players can choose from to be eligible for the MonteDam Swing, the €1100 PokerStars National Championship Monte Carlo (April 26-30) and the €5300 PokerStars Championship Main Event (April 29-May5). Two more legs of the PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing will be held at the WPT Amsterdam, the €1500 WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam (May 5-8) and the €3300 WPT Amsterdam Main Event (May 9-13). To be eligible for the overall competition, a player must have one “in the money” finish at each location.

There is a very good list of prizes available for the players taking part in the event. After the points have been tabulated, the top five finishers will win these prizes:

1st:  PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event package (valued at €7500)
2nd: WPT Main Event package (€6000)*
3rd: WPTDeepStacks package (€3000)*
4th: PokerStars National Championship Barcelona buy-in (€1100)
5th: WPTDeepStacks buy in (€1500)*

(* – WPT prizes can only be used in European events)

There will also be prizes for those who simply participate in the Swing. If a player even participates in one PokerStars Championship tournament and one WPT event during the Swing, they will receive a freeroll ticket for an online tournament at PokerStars with a $ 30,000 prize pool. If a player participates in both Main Events on the Swing schedule, they will receive a $ 300 voucher for buy-ins at the 2017 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP).

It sounds good overall, but there are a couple of issues that present themselves for the “MonteDam Swing.” Cramming the four events into a 17-day period – and then expecting players to cash in two of them, one at each location – is a bit draining even for the best of players. When it started, however, people gave little credence to the “WPT California Swing” (and its three tournaments in three weeks’ schedule); now it is a staple of the WPT when it hits the West Coast and, along with collaborating with PokerStars, the WPT is looking for lightning to strike twice, but this time in Europe.

If nothing else, it draws eyes – and potentially players – to tournaments that may have gotten lost in the mix as players prepare for the World Series of Poker at the end of May. Beginning in 10 days, the PokerStars WPT MonteDam Swing is a shot at publicizing the events while announcing a first-ever partnership between two of poker’s most powerful entities.

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2017 WPT Rolling Thunder Day 1A: Conclusion of “California Swing” Has POY Contenders Out for Battle

 2017 WPT Rolling Thunder Day 1A: Conclusion of “California Swing” Has POY Contenders Out for Battle

With nary a break from the conclusion of the Bay 101 Shooting Star on Friday, the World Poker Tour literally jumped right back into the action with their next tournament event. The WPT Rolling Thunder, at the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, kicked off its week of activities with the first of two-Day Ones on Saturday. By the end of the day, 166 entries had been received and 86 players will move on for Day 2 on Monday.

The $ 3500 tournament featured many of the same rules that govern other WPT events. Players were allowed one rebuy should they bust out of the event and that rule (one buy in, one rebuy) could be used by a player on both Day Ones. Players could also utilize a single entry on Day 2 if they got into the tournament before Level 11. Should they run through all those chances, an unfortunate player could spend $ 17,500 on this tournament, which helps to make for a nice prize pool for the WPT and Thunder Valley.

As the cards went in the air, there were two “player races” that were drawing some attention by those in contention. Arguably the bigger one, the race for WPT Player of the Year, has tightened up considerably since the start of Season XV. After the first few events of Season XV, Benjamin Zamani had run off from the pack after three final table finishes had accrued him 2500 points. That once sizeable lead has now collapsed and is under assault from not one but two players.

Sam Panzica, the champion of the Bay 101 Shooting Star, not only picked up his second career WPT win but also his second WPT win of the Season XV schedule. Those two wins – along with another cash at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio in December – have earned him 2450 points for the season. Simply one more cash, which earns a player 50 points, would tie him with Zamani and any finish above 27th place in a bigger event on the WPT circuit would push him past Zamani.

The second man is as unlikely a contender as you might expect. Despite being prevented for years from playing events on the circuit, WPT announcer and Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton has worked his way into the mix for POY honors. After winning the WPT Montreal and making the final table of the WPT L. A. Poker Classic, Sexton tossed some more points on his resume at the Bay 101 with a 22nd place finish. That whirlwind of success has pushed Sexton to 2100 points, making him a viable contender for the POY crown.

The second player race drawing attention was the WPT California Swing, a special three-tournament event to encourage participation in the three California stops on the WPT schedule – the LAPC, the Bay 101 and the Rolling Thunder – that is in its fourth year. Players must play all three events on the “swing” and receive points for their finishes. After the Rolling Thunder, the player with the most points earns special prizes associated with each event when they return to play in 2018.

Not surprisingly, Sexton tops the field in the WPT California Swing standings with 227 points, but he is ineligible to win the competition as he is an employee of the WPT. With that stated, it is Rainer Kempe who is the man the players are chasing as he sits in second place with his 207 points. It is a good distance back to LAPC champion Daniel Strelitz in third place with 179 points but he, Igor Yaroshevskyy (171 points) and Garrett Greer (161 points), but they all are in contention for the WPT California Swing prize as the Rolling Thunder begins.

As to Day 1A of the WPT Rolling Thunder? Plenty of those battling it out for supremacy in the races mentioned above took their chairs on Day 1A and came out on the other side. Zamani, looking to fend off the POY challengers, ended Day 1A with a decent stack of 104,000 by bagging time. Panzica also made it through the day, although taking two shots to build a stack of 57,900 by the time play was called.

The news wasn’t so good for others, but they will have a chance to get back in the battle on Sunday. Defending champion Harrison Gimbel, Chris Moorman, Marvin Rettenmaier, Matthew Waxman, and Pratyush Buddiga all headed to the rails on Saturday, while the leaderboard features some familiar names topped by an unfamiliar one, Dhaval Joshi.

1. Dhaval Joshi, 181,100
2. Jon Borenstein, 173,800
3. Michael Tureniec, 146,000
4. Kelly Douglas, 139,100
5. Eric Baldwin, 113,700
6. J. C. Tran, 112,900
7. Benjamin Zamani, 104,000
8. Erik Christensen, 101,700
9. Alex Foxen, 95,400
10. Charles Maddalena, 89,400

Day 1B will start at noon (Pacific Time) and, if things hold as usual for the final day of a multi-Day One tournament, the Thunder Valley Casino will be awash with players taking their shots at WPT gold. Last year 409 entrants were received for this event and that number is completely within shot for this year’s combatants. If the field can generate at least that number of entries, the prize pool would be over $ 1.3 million, a nice pie to divvy up for those looking for the next championship on the WPT Season XV schedule.

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