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PokerStars Introduces Split Hold’em

PokerStars, not known for being shy about introducing new games, has given players yet another novel offering. So if you sit down at a Split Hold’em cash game table, don’t freak out thinking there is a glitch. What you are seeing is completely normal. Split Hold’em plays just like regular Texas Hold’em except for one very key difference: two sets of community cards are dealt simultaneously. That means there are two flops, two turns, and two rivers. Each player is dealt just one pair of hole cards, though. Betting is just like it is in any Hold’em game, but players must keep track of what’s going on with two sets of board cards. If a hand goes all the way to a showdown in Split Hold’em, players must make the best hand with both sets of community cards to scoop the entire pot. Think of it like needing to win

Split Decision on Phil Ivey/Borgata Lawsuits

After hearing evidence from both parties in the complicated case, a judge in U. S. District Court has issued a split decision on the case involving poker professional Phil Ivey and the Borgata in Atlantic City. That split decision has left any final financial decisions completely up in the air as to which party will emerge victorious. Per’s John Brennan, U. S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman issued a rather intriguing decision after months of legal wrangling between Ivey and the Borgata. The case dates to 2012 when Ivey, looking to play high stakes baccarat in Atlantic City, was able to get the casino to acquiesce to many of his requests for a game. Some of those requests were to have a singular eight deck shoe of cards (down to the brand, Gemaco Borgata) and a private playing area provided; that a dealer fluent in Mandarin Chinese act as