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France, Portugal, Spain Eyeing Early 2018 for Shared Liquidity, Italy Trails Behind

In July, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain agreed to merge their online poker player liquidity finally doing something positive for poker players after years of each country being ring-fenced from the world. It now appears that Italy may be lagging in its ramp up toward shared player pools and the other countries may start without it. We don’t know why the four countries decided to separate their players from each other and the rest of world, though one might guess it was something to do with lawmakers thinking their regulations are superior to everyone else’s, so letting players from other countries play in their market would…I don’t know. Whatever. When the four countries signed their agreement in July, they issued a brief statement: The 6th of July the French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian online gambling regulatory authorities signed an agreement concerning online poker liquidity sharing. This agreement aims at improving

A strategy of making money in cash games shared by an acquaintance of mine.

Alright, there’s an acquaintance of mine, who performs on Pokerstars, Titan and Party. He does some unusual stuff that will help him make constant earnings. Generally he performs 1/2$ no restrict. What he does. He will be part of a random table with limited stack, go all in preflop first hand, steal blinds (three dollars) and disappears from that table. Then he will sign up for yet another random desk and do the very same factor. He suggests nobody truly phone calls him. If he does that for ten instances, he will generate 30$ . What do you guys consider? Cardschat Poker Discussion boards