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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Scott Seiver Biggest Gun in Super High Roller, Holds Lead After Day 1

 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Scott Seiver Biggest Gun in Super High Roller, Holds Lead After Day 1

The 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is underway at the Atlantis Resort Spa on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and, with one event, it has captured the attention of the poker world. The $ 100,000 Super High Roller event has completed Day 1 as Scott Seiver, the 2013 champion of the event, holds the lead in his hunt for a second title.

It seems that many had the $ 100,000 buy in (at the minimum…it is a rebuy event, after all) lying around to jump into the event when it started on Saturday afternoon. Such notables in the High Roller arena as Steffen Sontheimer, Koray Aldemir, Ben Tollerene and 2017 Poker Player of the Year Adrian Mateos (sorry, Bryn Kenney) were on the felt for the start of the tournament, with others drifting in after the start. Nick Petrangelo, Daniel Negreanu (utilizing a scooter due to an ACL injury – who said poker wasn’t a contact sport?) and the defending champion of this tournament, Jason Koon, all slowly drifted to the felt, but it was a non-poker name that caught the attention of railbirds in the Atlantis tournament room.

As he did in 2017 when he entered the tournament, comedian Kevin Hart immediately drew the attention of everyone as he entered the event. The wisecracking star of the new film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle maintained the same attitude that he utilized in last year’s tournament, but it also seemed that he had learned something about poker over the past year that he has been a “friend of PokerStars” (along with Olympic champion Usain Bolt). He would four-bet both Petrangelo and Aldemir out of a pot (saying, “I’m sick of this s**t” while putting the 65K in chips together to push them out), but another hand sent the popular comedian into his pocket for another buy in.

After Mateos opened the betting from the cutoff and Hart (button), Stefan Schillhabel and Seiver (blinds) all called, a J-5-7 flop was checked as was a ten on the turn. When the river completed the board with a four, the floodgates would open. Schillhabel checked his option, but Seiver fired away with a 22K bet. Mateos got out of the way, but Hart popped the cost of play up to 51K when it came to his action. Now it was Schillhabel’s turn to fold, but Seiver contemplated his next move carefully.

After the time in the tank, Seiver decided his only option was to push all in and, using most of his time on the “shot clock,” Hart made the call. Hart’s 8-6 off suit was good for a rivered straight to the eight, but Seiver’s 9-8 was good for a higher turned straight to the Jack. The pot was a massive 330K strong and it was enough to push Seiver into the lead.

Hart was undaunted, however, as he fired off another bullet in the tournament. This was also true for many other competitors, including Orpen Kisacikoglu, Negreanu (in a flush versus flush situation against Sam Greenwood), but Sontheimer and 2016 Poker Player of the Year David Peters did not immediately reenter. With the option for re-entry (or even a first entry, as Cary Katz did early Sunday morning) open until the start of Day 2 action, there is a potential for several other High Roller regulars to either take their first shot in the tournament or re-enter.

1. Scott Seiver, 804,000
2. Justin Bonomo, 799,000
3. Jean-Noel Thorel, 598,000
4. Ivan Luca, 587,000
5. Sam Greenwood, 569,000
6. Bryn Kenney, 548,000
7. Christopher Kruk, 533,000
8. Stephen Chidwick, 492,000
9. Erik Seidel, 479,000
10. Kevin Hobbs, 472,000

Hart, for his part, will be around for Day 2 of the event, holding a 316,000-chip stack. Others over the starting stack of 250K include Steve O’Dwyer (451K), Negreanu (438K), defending champion Koon (363K) and Igor Kurganov (333K), while Dan Shak (246K), Isaac Haxton (244K), Byron Kaverman (230K) and the shortest stack of all Seth Davies (181K) have some work to do on Sunday.

Beginning today, the $ 100,000 Super High Roller will be live-streamed over PokerStars TV as the final players jump in and the tournament works to crowning a champion. From then on, PokerStars TV will be covering the action from the Bahamas as the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure plays out.

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Scott Seiver Leads $50K Poker Players Championship as Two More Winners Earn Bracelets

 Scott Seiver Leads $50K Poker Players Championship as Two More Winners Earn Bracelets

While it may not be the homestretch, the end of the 2016 World Series of Poker – at least the summertime run – is in view with more than 50 events completed. A burgeoning pro and a player who already had multiple pieces of WSOP bling picked up bracelets while a veteran of the high stakes tournament poker wars opened up the first day of the $ 50,000 Poker Players’ Championship with the lead.

Event #50 – $ 1500 No Limit Hold’em Shootout

It is said that one of the “easier” bracelets to win at the WSOP is a Shootout tournament. With the object to beat one table and move on, the pathway is supposedly easier, but when 1050 players enter the tournament, it still is a challenge! On Friday afternoon, 12 individuals came together with the dream of taking home the championship dancing in their minds.

The 12 players broke down nicely into a two table setup and, as it had been a shootout, the players were all near each other in chips. The “chip leader” were in fact two players, Safiya Umerova and Damian Salas, who each had a 654,000 chip stack in front of them. Players such as Alexander Lakhov, Niall Farrell, Sam Greenwood and Vanessa Selbst were all within 15K chips of the leaders, so the battle was indeed on.

With the plan to get to 10-handed and set up the final table, nobody wanted to depart early. Umerova came out of the gate firing, however, whacking a big chunk of Greenwood’s chips from him to take over the chip lead. The two would tussle again, this time Umerova taking out Greenwood in 12th place when her turned set of sixes found a boat on the river against Greenwood’s flopped straight (K-10) on a Q-J-9-6-J board. Once Farrell eliminated Erkut Yilmaz in 11th place, the final table was set with Farrell holding a slight edge on Umerova.

That duo would turn out to be the story of the tournament. If Farrell wasn’t in the lead, it was Umerova and vice versa throughout the play at the final table. They didn’t shy away from each other either as Umerova at one point five-bet Farrell off a hand. When the wave of destruction calmed once heads up play was set, Farrell (using a double elimination of Salas and Yuliyan Kolev) held the lead with his 4.135 million chips as Umerova (off eliminating Michael Mixer) was stacked with 3.71 million.

There was a great deal of thought that the experienced Farrell would run roughshod over the green Umerova (who herself admitted she had only played professionally for 18 months), but that wasn’t the case. Umerova took over the lead after 90 minutes of heads up action, but lost it when Farrell doubled through her. Undaunted, Umerova took up the climb again, doubling back through Farrell when she caught quad Queens against the Brit. A full house from Umerova put her back into the lead on Hand 146 and this time it was for good.

On the final hand, Umerova raised from the button only to see Farrell put her to a decision by moving all in. Pondering the spot, Umerova would eventually make the call, tabling a leading A 9 against Farrell’s Q-9 off suit for play. An Ace on the flop put Umerova further into the lead and it only got better; by the time the A-K-5-5-2 three-heart board completed, Umerova had made the nut flush to win her first WSOP bracelet and become the second woman (with Kristen Bicknell) to win a bracelet at the 2016 WSOP.

1. Safiya Umerova, $ 264,046
2. Niall Farrell, $ 163,158
3. Michael Mixer, $ 118,109
4. Yuliyan Kolev, $ 86,513
5. Damian Salas, $ 64,129
6. Raymond Ho, $ 48,115
7. Daniel McAulay, $ 36,543
8. Daniel Tang, $ 28,101
9. Alexander Lakhov, $ 21,881
10. Vanessa Selbst, $ 17,255

Event #51 – $ 10,000 Eight-Handed Pot Limit Omaha World Championship

Six men came back on Saturday from the original 400-player field with a bit of a score to settle. The tournament had to be stopped on Friday with the sextet still vying for the title, meaning an additional day had to be added. Sitting in the prime position was WSOP bracelet holder Brandon Shack-Harris with his 5.425 million chips, but he had to hold back the surge of Matthew Parry (4.755 million) and 2016 WSOP bracelet winner Loren Klein (3.53 million), who was looking to become the fourth player this year to win two bracelets.

None of these men was the story of the early going. It was Tommy Le who made some noise in rocketing out at the start of the day, knocking off Harley Stoffmaker in sixth place and taking a chunk of chips out of Melad Marji’s stack to briefly take the lead. We say “briefly” because soon after the battle with Marji, he went up against Shack-Harris in a hand and had to release it on the river, giving the chip edge back to Shack-Harris.

From that point onward, Shack-Harris would not be denied. He eliminated Parry in fifth and Le in third to get over the 12 million chip mark and, while Klein taking out Marji in fourth gave him some more chips, he was still facing almost a six million chip disadvantage to Shack-Harris. Klein would get as close as 600,000 chips away from Shack-Harris, but the mountain would prove to be too tough to climb.

On the final hand, the money would go in on an A-10-8 flop, with Shack-Harris holding an A-10-6-4 for top two pair and Klein holding an A-8-6-3 for the second best two pair. Needing an eight, the turn deuce and river Jack didn’t help Kline as Shack-Harris earned his second WSOP bracelet.

1. Brandon Shack-Harris, $ 894,300
2. Loren Klein, $ 552,713
3. Tommy Le, $ 376,667
4. Melad Marji, $ 261,652
5. Matthew Parry, $ 185,337
6. Harley Stoffmaker, $ 133,918
7. Junayed Khan, $ 98,746*
8. Dominique Mosley, $ 74,339*

(* – eliminated on Friday, part of official final table)

Event #55 – $ 50,000 Poker Players’ Championship

Day 1 of one of the most prestigious titles in all of tournament poker – the $ 50,000 Poker Players’ Championship – kicked off on Saturday with a pro-laden field. Registration for the tournament will continue until the start of play today but, at 87 players currently, it has already surpassed the totals from 2015 (84 players).

The tournament floor was a dream area for poker fans as the crème of the poker world vied for the WSOP bracelet and, arguably more important, the right to put their name on the David ‘Chip” Reese Memorial Trophy, also awarded to the eventual champion. As the day wore on, only three men – Stephen Chidwick, Keith Gipson and Abe Mosseri – weren’t able to survive the Day 1 action, but there’s plenty of thrills still left in the remaining field.

Leading the way when the cards hit the air on Sunday afternoon will be Scott Seiver. A veteran of the nosebleed tournament games (the “High Rollers,” it could be said), Seiver bagged up an impressive 593,000 chips, more than doubling his opening stack of 250,000. There are a host of top professionals – including the only two-time champion of this event, Michael Mizrachi, and another former Poker Players’ Championship winner in Brian Rast – arranged behind him, however:

1. Scott Seiver, 593,000
2. Timofey Kuznetsov, 557,600
3. Robert Mizrachi, 500,200
4. Brian Rast, 463,900
5. Erik Sagstrom, 457,700
6. John Monnette, 454,300
7. Michael Mizrachi, 433,000
8. William O’Neil, 427,600

Although Seiver has to be proud of coming out of Day 1 the leader, there is still way too much time left in the tournament to be sizing up the bracelet. 39 of the remaining 84 players are all above the starting stack of 250K and anyone can make a run to the top. It will be another exciting Poker Players’ Championship as it plays out to its championship final table come Wednesday.

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