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Partypoker to Roll Out Software Update, New Power Series Schedule

 Partypoker to Roll Out Software Update, New Power Series Schedule

On Friday, partypoker announced that it will release a software update on February 24th which will “see a number of significant improvements to the playing experience.” In the same blog post, the online poker also revealed that it will launch the new Power Series on March 5th. Let’s take a closer look at each.

The software update appears to largely cosmetic, though cosmetic can be good if it makes it easier to see what’s going on at the virtual tables. In the partypoker blog post, the following changes were listed:

• Re-introduction of the oval shaped table alongside the existing table design
• New and improved player plates with larger fonts, improving players’ multi-tabling experience
• Improved display of player notes
• A brand new time-bank indicator
• A number of smaller enhancements, improving the look and feel of the tables

So, nothing earth-shattering, but if things on the table are easier to see and read, especially for multi-tablers, these changes should be positive.

As for the Power Series, we will have to wait and see, as the new schedule won’t be revealed until March. Partypoker says the new schedule will have “increased guarantees, an improved mix of game types and optimised structures.”

And since this is online poker, there will be leader boards. The weekly Power Series leader boards will start March 5th and will be divided into low, medium, and high buy-in levels in order to give as many players as possible a chance to earn rewards. The top ten players each week on the high leader board will receive a $ 5,300 seat to the Millions Online tournament later this year. Those who finish in the top ten more than once will receive $ 5,300 in tournament dollars.

The top twenty players on each leader board will receive prizes. The medium and low winners won’t get Millions Online seats, but rather tournament ticket prizes valued at $ 22 to $ 530.

Partypoker says the leader boards will pay out $ 60,000 per week in prizes, though it was not exactly clear in the blog post if that means $ 60,000 per leader board or $ 60,000 total across all three leader boards. It is likely the latter, as the ten $ 5,300 buy-in awards would leave $ 7,000 in prizes for the remaining 50 winners. That works out to an average of $ 140 per person, which seems reasonable, considering many of the prizes on the low and medium leader boards will probably be in the $ 22 range or slightly higher. $ 60,000 split among twenty people on a low buy-in leader board would be a bit much.

In the first month, the leader board prizes will be doubled in total value, as will the number of winners.

On the blog, partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters said:

We know that our players were expecting our 2018 Leaderboard promotion to start immediately after Powerfest, however we want the players to benefit from the enhanced playing experience on the new tables when working towards the leaderboard prizes. Therefore we have decided to delay the Leaderboard promotion until Monday 5th March to coincide with the launch of the new MTT schedule. We wanted to ensure that the players do not miss out on any value and therefore we have doubled the Leaderboard giveaway for the first month.

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World Series of Poker Kicks Off with Casino Employees Event, “Colossus II” Ready to Roll

 World Series of Poker Kicks Off with Casino Employees Event, “Colossus II” Ready to Roll

Amid much fanfare, the 47th Annual World Series of Poker kicked off on Wednesday at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The traditional starter for the greatest poker tournament of all time, the $ 565 Casino Employees Event, has put its Day One action into the history books while the weekend is set to be dominated by “Colossus II.”

The Casino Employees Event featured a twist that, while new for its particular running, is something that has become prevalent in the tournament poker world. Instead of being the traditional freeze-out tournament – one buy-in, one chance to win – the Casino Employees Event featured a single re-entry for 2016. While it might just be an oddity and not at all indicative of what future events at the 2016 WSOP may be like, this year’s Casino Employees Event drew in 731 entries; running last year as a “one entry” event, the tournament drew in 688 singular players.

This year’s tournament also featured a faster structure, meaning that the players were flying out of the Amazon Room at the Rio. The money bubble (110 players will be paid in the tournament) popped after the dinner break, with players such as defending champion Brandon Barnette, the 2007 Casino Employees Champion Eric Narciso, WSOP Dealer of the Year Shaun Harris and occasional poker pro Jason Stern all taking a payday from the event. Of the 23 players that will vie for the title on Thursday, an intriguing story is beginning to emerge.

While Matthew Tyler was atop the standings for most of the day, his attempts to play “sheriff” would cost him a great deal of his stack as Spencer Bennett snuck in at the end of the night to snatch that lead from him. These two men aren’t the story of the tournament, however. That honor would go to the four ladies who are among the top third of the field at the start of play on Day 2. Sitting in second place is Kerry Craigie with her 323,000 in chips, while Australia’s Tanja Vujanic (195K), Amanda Wheeler (182K) and Allison Arvey (164K) are all in the Top Ten and within striking distance.

1. Spencer Bennett, 627,000
2. Kerry Craigie, 323,000
3. Nicholas Sliwinski, 301,000
4. Tanja Vujanic, 195,000
5. Amanda Wheeler, 182,000
6. Eric Stack, 178,000
7. Allison Arvey, 164,000
8. Ashkun Lajevardi, 160,000
9. Tom Ratanakul, 141,000
10. Emmanuel Ravelo, 135,000

The remaining 23 players will reconvene at the Rio at noon to play down to a champion tonight. The first bracelet of the 2016 World Series of Poker will be awarded this evening, along with the $ 75,157 first place cash.

For those that aren’t casino employees, the “real” World Series of Poker begins today and it begins with a bang. At 10AM this morning, “Colossus II” will take to the felt in all of the tournament arenas of the Rio. With its $ 7 million guaranteed prize pool and a $ 1 million prize to its eventual champion, the $ 565 tournament features two flights for each of the next three days. A player can buy in as many times as they want (provided they have been eliminated from the earlier runs), meaning that a player could conceivably put out over $ 3000 in buy-ins and juice if they played all six of the flights.

The 2016 version of the tournament is a result of the massive success of the inaugural run in 2015. Drawing in 22,374 entries, the 2015 Colossus was the largest tournament ever in WSOP history (it is estimated that there were around 14,000 unique entries), but there were complaints, most notably that, with such a massive throng of players, that the winner didn’t receive a bigger payday (champion Cord Garcia “only” won $ 638,880 for his work). The WSOP has corrected that for 2016 and is expecting the potential for more than 30,000 entries to come to the tables between Thursday and Saturday for “Colossus II.”

For those whose tastes may run to a “smaller” field tournament, the first $ 10,000 tournament of the WSOP summer will be contested on Saturday. The $ 10,000 Seven Card Stud World Championship will start at 4PM and will probably be populated by many of the top professionals in the world. Brian Hastings defeated Scott Clements last year to take the title and it is expected that he will be back to defend his crown.

It’s going to be seven weeks of constant poker action and the community is ready…the 2016 World Series of Poker is underway!

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EPT Malta Main Event Day 2: Alexander Ivarsson on a Roll

 EPT Malta Main Event Day 2: Alexander Ivarsson on a Roll

The European Poker Tour is back in action this week with a stop in Malta. The EPT Malta Main Event kicked off Sunday with the first of two starting flights. Day 1A brought in 184 players while Day 1B saw two and a half times as many join the fun (460 to be exact). After a few late entries were added before the start of Day 2, the total field grew to 651. Just 131 survived to Wednesday with Swede Alexander Ivarsson leading the way with 529,200 chips.

Ivarsson has a relatively short live tournament resume, according to, with $ 332,624 in lifetime earnings. He has three cashes at the World Series of Poker, though two were deep runs, a tenth and a twelfth place finish in the same $ 2,500 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em event in 2009 and 2010, respectively. He has three cashes on the European Poker Tour, all this year.

The total prize pool for the EPT Malta Main Event is €3,157,350, with 95 players getting paid. A min-cash is worth €9,320 and the winner will pocket €602,400.

Ivarsson didn’t get to the top of the heap by snatching up lots of little pots. Oh, no. He developed a reputation on Day 2 for his aggressiveness and his ability to run hotter than a red-hot nickel ball, knocking out opponents left and right. Some examples:

In one hand pre-flop, he four-bet 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champ Scott Davies to see a flop of 8-T-5. Davies check-raised all-in for 65,000 with A-T, but Ivarsson insta-called him with pocket Aces. The Aces held up and Davies was out of the tournament.

Once again, Ivarsson wasn’t content to call or even just three-bet pre-flop. He ended up five-betting all-in and got called by Raoul Refos. Some may consider both of their decisions curious, as Ivarsson only had pocket Sixes and Refos put it all on the line (calling, mind you) with A-K. No Ace or King was laid on the board and Ivarsson received another Six for good measure, eliminating Refos and taking his stack up to 520,000 chips at the time.

Ivarsson is the only player to end Day 2 above the 500,000 chip mark. Three more players – Samuli Sipila, Erik Scheidt, and Giulio Spampinato – have more than 400,000. A couple other notable names in the top ten are Faraz Jaka (375,200 chips) and Mike McDonald (314,200).

Day 3 is currently under way; the money bubble has burst and the remaining players continue to battle it out as the big money draws closer.

European Poker Tour Malta Main Event – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1.    Alexander Ivarsson – 529,200
2.    Samuli Sipila – 466,500
3.    Erik Scheidt – 447,700
4.    Giulio Spampinato – 406,500
5.    Faraz Jaka – 375,200
6.    Pawel Brzeski – 372,100
7.    Andreas Chalkiadakis – 358,600
8.    Farid Jattin – 334,700
9.    Daniel Dvoress – 321,100
10.    Mike McDonald – 314,200

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