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Poker Player Suspicious of Possible Collusion Ring on partypoker

Online poker rooms are constantly on the lookout for cheaters (or so they claim), but historically, the best sleuths come from the poker community at large. The gigantic “super user” scandals that rocked the online poker world a number of years ago, for example, were discovered by suspicious players (with a little help from a complete hand history that was accidentally e-mail by a poker room’s customer support). While nothing has been proven yet, another poker player believes he has found evidence of a collusion ring on partypoker. A poster going by the screen name “FarseerFinland” on Two Plus Two and “DukeofSuffolk” on partypoker, provided the poker community his story over the weekend, explaining what he saw in some multi-table tournaments. On October 18th, he made the final table of the Wednesday Turbo High Roller tournament and finished in the top four (he doesn’t say specifically where he placed, but

Maurice Hawkins Ties Record, Wins Ninth WSOP Circuit Ring

I have a great life, no doubt about it, but damn if I’m not looking at Maurice Hawkins right now and feeling a bit envious. Hawkins may not be a household name in the poker world, but few players can match what he has been doing over the last few years. On Monday, Hawkins tied the all-time record by winning his ninth World Series of Poker Circuit ring, taking the title in a $ 365 buy-in event at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. Hawkins is now tied with Alexandru Masek for the all-time WSOP Circuit ring lead, but Hawkins dominates in prize money, $ 1,366,228 to $ 711,761. Hawkins is also the kind of poker player that people either love or hate. He is a talker at the tables, to put it lightly. He’s the kind of guy that would be perfectly cast as a character in a poker movie.

$200 NLHE Full Ring: 80NL Live – 99 on a QT439 board

80NL live cash game at my local casino with $ 1/$ 2 blinds and 7 players (since 2 were sitting out). Hero has $ 90 on the table and everyone else has between $ 100 and $ 200. Hero (BB) is dealt 9h 9c SB posts $ 1 Hero (BB) posts $ 2 UTG calls $ 2 UTG+1 and UTG+2 are sitting out MP calls $ 2 HJ folds CO calls $ 2 BTN calls $ 2 SB calls $ 2 Hero checks $ 12 in pot Flop shows Qh Tc 4d SB checks Hero (BB) checks UTG checks MP bets $ 5 CO folds BTN calls $ 5 SB calls $ 5 Hero calls $ 5 UTG folds $ 32 in pot Turn shows 3h SB checks Hero (BB) checks MP bets $ 10 BTN calls $ 10 SB folds Hero (BB) calls $ 10 $ 62 in pot

$25 NLHE Full Ring: What to bet on the river

Villian Stats (VPIP/PFR/AF): 17/15/2.5 I had been playing a bit more loose aggressively this session and floated a bit more than usual. Here I get 3 bet by the SB who is showing 8% 3bet from that position. This is going to fold a lot here to my 4 bet so for a change I decide to flat and keep in the weaker range. I don’t ever remember flatting KK in a spot like this which is probably why I wasn’t sure what to bet on the end. Poker Stars, $ 0.10/$ 0.25 No Limit Hold’em Cash, 9 Players SB: $ 25.09 (100.4 bb) ABC REG. 17/15. 8% 3 bet from SB 871 hands BB: $ 25.85 (103.4 bb) UTG+1: $ 27.90 (111.6 bb) UTG+2: $ 25 (100 bb) MP1: $ 25 (100 bb) MP2: $ 25 (100 bb) MP3: $ 26.85 (107.4 bb) Hero (CO): $ 57.72 (230.9 bb)

$200 NLHE Full Ring: live casino $1/3, QQ facing 3 bet and 5 behind. Shove/fold?

warning: this is a very in-depth post and I only recommend you read it if you know a thing or two about probability. This was a hand I experienced last night at my local casino. I want answers to focus around the math I have presented to see if there are holes in it anywhere (or my assumptions for the math), as my gut still says this is a fold, but the math says otherwise. Important information to note: x4-x5 bb has been the standard pre flop raise at the table all night (which sucked btw). See the attachment for a visual of the hand. players 1. and 2. had me covered, player 3 had ~$ 190 before the hand. Player 1 is tight, passive. I would assign his PFR ~ 5. player 2 is a regular, and is loose, fishy, but his 3 bet range in early position is