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New Fox Television Program “LA to Vegas” Borne of Vegas Poker Trips

Everyone loves to get in the creative minds of writers, especially if they come up with something that is unique. Many in the poker world love to hear from David Levien and Brian Koppelman, the duo who wrote the seminal poker movie Rounders (and, to a lesser extent, Runner Runner). Now the creator of a new television comedy on Fox is admitting that his new program was borne of weekend trips to Las Vegas to play poker. Writer Lon Zimmet is the creator of the new Fox Television comedy LA to Vegas, a half-hour comedy that premiered last week on the Fox network. In an interview with Christopher Lawrence of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Zimmet admitted that, as a struggling writer during the “Moneymaker Boom” in poker, he would frequently go to Las Vegas to ply his poker playing skills. From those trips, it seems, the birth of a television

PokerStars Announces Changes to VIP Rewards Program for 2017

In what will probably raise the ire of the online poker community even further, PokerStars has announced new guidelines that will go into effect in 2017 for their VIP program. Amaya Gaming, the ownership behind the number one online gaming site in the industry, announced these changes in an e-mail to players on Friday. “In 2017, date still to be determined, we will launch a new rewards program that recognizes your play on poker, casino, and sportsbook (where available) and rewards you for recent activity, not monthly or annual play volumes,” the e-mail stated. “As a result, from January 1, Supernova VIP status will become a monthly status for players until the launch of the new rewards program.” As noted, the biggest move of all is from recognizing just the poker players to moving the rewards system to the entirety of potential offerings from PokerStars (BetStars, the sportsbook for the

Israeli Software Company Creates Facial Recognition Program, Uses It To Identify Professional Poker Players

In this day and age, there are many things or people that we would like to be able to identify simply from their appearance. From judging whether someone has donned a disguise to more sinister implications, such identification would be critical for particular situations. A software company in Israel says it has developed a facial recognition software that they claim can identify terrorists and pedophiles, proving it by identifying…poker players. According to Yahoo! Tech writer Dyllan Furness, The Israeli company Faception (which is a startup that is currently looking for funding) has developed this software and demonstrated it at an unnamed poker tournament. Yahoo! states that the software analyzed 50 amateur players that were in the tournament and, after comparing them to a database of poker professionals, picked four players that the software determined would excel in the event. Of those four players, two of them – amateurs, mind you

888poker to Launch New Loyalty Program, Eliminate Rakeback

888poker recently demonstrated that it will become the latest online poker room to make a significant move toward catering to recreational players at the possible expense of high volume grinders, announcing that it will introduce a new rewards program on March 28th, 2016. In a post on Two Plus Two, an 888poker representative wrote: We’d like to let you know that as of 28/03/2016, we’ll be launching our new rewards program, “888poker Club”, which will replace our current rewards plan. The new 888poker Club will reward players based on different criteria to that of our current rake-based program. The vast majority of our players will benefit much more from the new program, which will be much easier to understand and will give significant weight to long term loyalty with 888poker. Once the change is implemented, our current rewards program and statuses will no longer be applicable. Players will be awarded

Newest Poker Central Program, “Inside Poker with Matt Savage,” Premiers Monday

Slowly but surely, the amount of original programming is beginning to stack up for the 24/7 streaming channel (and hopefully soon we’ll see some more television outlets) Poker Central. Less than six months into their run, Poker Central will debut their latest program on Monday night, featuring arguably the most well-known tournament director in the world as he corrals the biggest names in the world to discuss the game. Inside Poker with Matt Savage will premiere on Monday night at 9:30 PM (Eastern Time) and will replay later in the evening at 12:30 AM. Featuring World Poker Tour Executive Tournament Director, Commerce Casino Tournament Director and founder of the Tournament Directors Association Matt Savage, the show will feature in-depth and unfiltered conversations between Savage and industry icons on the biggest topics within the poker world. In addition to discussing a wide array of issues, poker tips and advice from the