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$5 NLHE 6-max: A3s 3-handed in min-3bet pot. Flop TP & NFD

The table had recently become short-handed, only 3 players left. I knew very little about villain as he had only recently sat down. Preflop: Hero (100bb) is BTN with As3s Hero raise to 3bb, fold, BB (100bb) raise to 5bb, Hero call Flop (10.5bb): AcJs9s BB bet 5bb, Hero call Turn (20.5bb): Jd BB bet 20bb, Hero call River (60.5bb): Kc BB all-in, Hero ?? I don’t know if raising the flop would have been better or not. Also, is there potentially some merit to 4betting pre? Poker Forums

Jays fans given reason to dream – CANOE:online poker stats

full tilt poker player stats Jays fans given reason to dreamCANOEBy KEN FIDLIN, QMI Agency Alex Anthopoulos has earned a reputation as one of the very talented poker players among his fellow big-league general managers, jumping in and claiming pot after pot when nobody even knew he was in the game.and more » poker stats tracking