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Massive NFL Survivor Pool Shut Down by Feds

I know sports betting is illegal in most of the United States, but dammit, it still really grinds my gears when a sports betting or betting-related enterprise, event, or site that otherwise isn’t hurting anyone gets busted. That’s what happened last week when federal agents shut down Ron & Mike’s Football Pool, seizing money and the business’s documentation. First reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Ron & Mike’s Football Pool had been run by Ron Kronengold and Mike Bernstein for at least eight years. It was an online “survivor pool,” in which participants picked one NFL team to win each week. If that team wins, the participant moves on to the next week. If the team loses, the player is done in the contest. The big catch is that a player cannot choose the same team more than once. These types of pools are common, both online ( has one called

2017 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Day 2 – Brandon Meyers Maintains Lead as Prize Pool Determined

Continuing to hold court over the throng of players still in the tournament, poker professional Brandon Meyers continued to hold the lead as Day 2 of the 2017 World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic concluded. At the same time, those that are left in the event found out what they were playing for once late registration/reentry closed. Out of the 600-plus entries that were received on Day 1, Meyers was the one who drove the tournament. He would finish the day with an impressive 152,750 in chips but, as the poker adage goes, you can’t win a tournament on the first day. You also can’t win it when there are still players to enter the event, which was the case here with late registration/reentry (the $ 10,000 tournament was an unlimited reentry tournament) lasting until Level Nine (the next to last level of the night on Day 2).

More Prizes Added to Sweeten WPT Tournament of Champions Prize Pool

As the date approaches for the first rendition of this version of the World Poker Tour’s Tournament of Champions, the tour officially announced on Tuesday that more prizes had been added to the awards that will be handed out in the event. Monster, the official headphones and speakers of the WPT, announced that they would be awarding everyone who makes the six handed final table of the Tournament of Champions their special Monster SoundStage, a high-definition wireless home music system that is made for multi-room usage. This type of system normally retails for nearly $ 500, making it a nice prize for anyone to receive. The big news, however, is in what Monster will award the eventual victor of the Tournament of Champions. When the tournament is completed and one man (sorry ladies…no woman has ever won an event on the WPT Main Tour) is holding all the chips, Monster