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Online Gambling Bill Makes It Through Michigan House Committee

A bill to legalize online gambling passed through a Michigan House of Representatives committee Wednesday and though it will be nearly impossible for it to advance any further during this legislative session, there is some hope for the next. The Bill, House Bill 4926, was introduced by Rep. Brandt Iden three months ago. He told Online Poker Report (OPR) in October that he wanted to see it pass the House by Thanksgiving. “Throughout the month of October, I’m hoping to gain a lot of headway,” Iden told OPR. “If I had my way, we’ll be able to get everyone to the table and put a bill together and through the House before the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll see how achievable it is, but that’s my goal.” Well, it clearly wasn’t achievable, as it only just now made it through a committee and the legislative session is about to end. The good

Bill in Michigan Would License Online Casino Gaming and Poker – With A Catch

After the U. S. Department of Justice issued their famous dictate in 2011 that the Wire Act of 1961 only applied to sports betting, many thought there would be a stampede towards individual states offering online gaming and poker to their constituents. After all, with rising budget deficits and few areas to further tax (or to even raise taxes at all), local and state governments had to find other ways to raise revenues for their coffers. As we’ve seen, however, that expected stampede has been more like a Sunday stroll, with only three states – Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey – stepping up to pass online gaming regulations. This doesn’t mean that other states haven’t at least thought about acting. Some shockingly have actually put up bills (sorry, a bit of sarcasm there) for passing regulations on the industry. But, as of yet, there isn’t another state that has joined

Michigan State Senator Introduces Online Poker Bill

As my colleague Earl Burton wrote a couple days ago, there has been an uptick in online poker regulation activity in a number of states in the last few months. One state mentioned in his piece was Michigan, whose online gaming effort he said “hasn’t moved beyond talking.” But last week, a Michigan legislator did finally take the formal step and introduced a bill that would legalize and regulate online poker. It was State Senator Michael Kowall, a Republican representing District 15, who introduced Senate Bill 0203 on March 1st, a bill which would create the “Lawful Internet Gaming Act.” The bill would authorize the new division of internet gaming to grant licenses to the state’s casinos. Of course, the casinos would have to apply for said licenses and would have to pay $ 100,000 to do so. The licenses would have a duration of five years and would come

ICYMI: Michigan Committee Votes for Online Poker, Chris Moorman Joins 888Poker

With the 2016 World Series of Poker in full swing, we sometimes might overlook that there is OTHER poker news that is going on. With that in mind, it is time to take a look around the poker world and check that information out, just “In Case You Missed It.” Michigan Senate Committee Passes Online Poker Regulations In a bit of news that we’ve heard several times, a Michigan Senate committee has passed online gaming and poker regulations for the state. The Michigan Senate Regulatory Reform Committee passed, by an 8-1 margin, SB 889, which would regulate internet casino gaming and poker for Michigan citizens. With this said, there are some issues that the bill faces before it can even begin to be entertained by the Michigan Legislature. First off, the bill would have to be called for a vote by the Senate Majority Leader, Arlan Meekhof. Meekhof’s position isn’t

Michigan Legislative Committee Holds Online Gaming Hearing

On Wednesday, the Michigan legislature’s Regulatory Reform Committee held an informational hearing to discuss two related online poker bills: SB 889, which would legalized and regulate online gambling in the state and SB 890, which would amend Michigan’s penal code to permit for the online gambling that is legalized in SB 889. From the sounds of it, it was a solid hearing filled with reasonable people interested in educating themselves on internet gaming, unlike hearings we have seen on Capitol Hill.’s Steve Ruddock was on hand in Lansing providing live updates on the hearing, so credit to him – I’m just lounging around in Georgia (look, man, my kid had a Little League game tonight). Amongst the witnesses at the hearing were three representatives from Amaya/PokerStars: Jeanne David, head of PokerStars’ responsible gaming efforts, Steven Winter, Amaya’s director of operations, and Matthew Robins, director compliance. Ruddock reported that all