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Women in Poker Hall of Fame Offering Public Vote in Selecting Next Members

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is set to induct a new class of members to their rolls this fall. In the past, they have traditionally kept their voting “in the house,” meaning that a select committee and the past inductees were the only ones who were voting on new members. For the 2016 class, however, the WiPHoF has decided to offer the poker public a voice in the matter. First, here’s a list of the potential inductees and a quick word as to their qualifications: Debbie Burkhead – Longtime player, reporter, photographer and instructor, involvement with poker since the mid-90s. Karina Jett – Outstanding tournament and cash game history, advocate for women in the game since the late 1990s. Victoria Coren-Mitchell – The only two-time champion in the history of the European Poker Tour, longtime veteran of the toughest cash games in Europe. Mandy Glogow – Television producer

New York Online Poker Hearing Sparsely Attended, Even By Committee Members

What was trumpeted as the latest and best attempt to persuade a state legislature towards passing online gaming and/or poker regulations took place in Albany, NY, yesterday. The hearing by the Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee in the state capitol wasn’t widely attended, however, by neither the constituents nor the legislators that the hearing was to educate. New York, considered by many a marketplace that would serve as a catapult for other states to move forward with their own online gaming and/or poker regulation like California, instead looked as if there was little more than lip service being paid to the industry. The sponsor of online poker only legislation in the New York Senate, Senator John Bonacic, was joined by two other members of the 11 person committee and those two other members would leave before the completion of testimony. There was plenty of testimony potentially supporting an online

Any CC members in the WSOP 2015?

With the WSOP 2015 starting off today with occasion #1 for on line casino staff, figured I might question if anybody listed here is truly actively playing in any occasion on their personal etc? any individual listed here a very first timer at the WSOP if you are actively playing? Or are you a seasoned WSOP player? All in all, if there are any CC customers at the WSOP this 12 months, then goodluck! I hope you enjoy your best and have an superb result. Poker Forums