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Ontario Lottery Commission to Outsource Operation of 3 Toronto-Area Gambling Sites

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) is currently conducting a bidding process, seeking to turn over control of the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) gambling venues to a private operator. According to the Globe & Mail, Canada’s most read weekly newspaper, the selection should be made within the next few weeks. The three locations whose operations would be transferred to the chosen company are the Woodbine Racetrack, Ajax Downs, and the Great Blue Heron Casino. As one might be able to tell by their names, Woodbine and Ajax are primarily horse racetracks, but both do have sections operated by OLG that contain slot machines and electronic table games. Great Blue Heron is more of a traditional casino. The OLG believes the GTA is an underserved gambling market, according to the Globe & Mail, and it believes outsourcing the three venues would allow them to grow and operate more efficiently than

Poker Central Super High Roller Bowl Changes Rules, Uses Lottery to Determine Players

Instead of holding to the “first come, first served” philosophy that it was built on, officials with Poker Central deviated to a special “lottery” to determine who would be among the 35 professionals to take part in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl later this year. After opening registration for the tournament, which will be played from May 28-31 at ARIA in Las Vegas, officials with the casino and the streaming website were stunned with the numbers that came to the fore. Once the cage was opened for deposits for entry 54 players came out, in theory putting up a percentage of the $ 300,000 for their buy in. This was going to be a problem for ARIA and Poker Central as there were only 35 seats available for the “professional” poker players (15 of the 50 seats in the event are reserved for ARIA, to be distributed at their

888Poker Launches BLAST Poker Lottery Sit & Go

I just wrote one article about Lottery Sit & Go’s, so might as well write another, while the subject is on my mind. Guess today is an all-Lottery day. The news on this page: 888poker has launched its own Lottery Sit & Go version this week, called BLAST Poker. Like any Lottery Sit & Go, BLAST Poker is a short-handed, hyper-turbo (two minute blind levels) game with small starting stacks. One all players are seated, the prize pool is announced; it can be 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1,000x, or 10,000x the game’s buy-in. Most sites make these games three-handed, but BLAST Poker goes its own way with four players per table. But that’s not at all interesting, so 888 came up with another change, one that will make these games even less skill-based than they already were. After a certain number of levels, all players will be automatically forced all-in

Delaware Internet Lottery Posts Record Revenues in May

The Delaware online gaming industry continues to show signs of growth.  The country’s first regulated online casino market posted a record win in May. Online poker, table games, slots and poker generated $ 282,112 in combined revenues in May.  It was the third consecutive record month for Delaware’s iGaming Lottery. The May numbers were up 5.3% over the previous month.  Revenues increased 111% over May 2015. Online poker continued to show improvement in Delaware.  Poker tables raked $ 40,337 in May.  This was the highest level of poker rake since April 2015.  May’s poker revenues beat the previous month by 16%.  It was up 2.7% over the previous year. Delaware’s online blackjack and roulette held $ 54,227 last month.  Video poker and slots, described as video lottery in Delaware, won $ 187,547.  This was the largest win for Delaware’s online video lottery games in its history, shattering the previous mark

Unibet Balking at Lottery Sit-and-Go’s

Lottery Sit-and-Go’s are arguably the hottest thing going in online poker. Seemingly every online poker site and network is adding its own version of the game to its lobby. One exception, though, is Unibet. In an interview with PokerIndustryPRO (paywall), Unibets’ Head of Poker, Andrew West, explained that his site has no plans to join the fray and launch a Lottery Sit-and-Go variant. Standard poker, whether it be ring games, Sit-and-Go’s, or multi-table tournaments, can be a heck of a lot of fun. Poker can also get boring. Games can become a test of patience and willpower, as players just fold, fold, fold, check, fold, and maybe raise once in a while. When I played regularly, I was a tight player myself, but just as I hated it when the table was too loose and crazy (I know, I should like that), it got incredibly irritating when everyone was as