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New Jersey to Share Online Poker Liquidity with Delaware, Nevada

A new day is about to dawn for online poker. Okay, am I severely overselling it with that introductory sentence. But still, that and 888 Poker will be facilitating the merger of player pools of New Jersey with those of Delaware and Nevada in about two weeks is a pretty big deal. There are just four states that have legalized and regulate online poker, but New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada are the only ones to actually have sites up and running (Pennsylvania’s sites should be ready later this year). Delaware and Nevada have shared player pools for quite some time now and needed to do so because of their relatively small populations, but New Jersey had yet to get onboard. And because of New Jersey’s size – 11th in terms of population – getting the Garden State to share its players is important. In a press release Monday,

France, Portugal, Spain Eyeing Early 2018 for Shared Liquidity, Italy Trails Behind

In July, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain agreed to merge their online poker player liquidity finally doing something positive for poker players after years of each country being ring-fenced from the world. It now appears that Italy may be lagging in its ramp up toward shared player pools and the other countries may start without it. We don’t know why the four countries decided to separate their players from each other and the rest of world, though one might guess it was something to do with lawmakers thinking their regulations are superior to everyone else’s, so letting players from other countries play in their market would…I don’t know. Whatever. When the four countries signed their agreement in July, they issued a brief statement: The 6th of July the French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian online gambling regulatory authorities signed an agreement concerning online poker liquidity sharing. This agreement aims at improving

New Jersey Officials, U. K. Authorities in Preliminary Discussions on Liquidity Agreement

In what would be a game changer for online gaming and poker in the United States, officials from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and authorities with the United Kingdom’s gaming offices and several major players in the European online gaming industry have opened preliminary discussions on sharing liquidity – or players – between the two arenas. The director of the DGE, David Rebuck, confirmed for Global Gaming Business that the discussions were in their primitive stages. “With 9 million people in New Jersey, and more than 63 million in the United Kingdom, this would mean a massive increase in liquidity for New Jersey operators,” Rebuck commented to GGB. “Even when you discount children and non-gamblers, it gives us access to a market that is very familiar with online gaming. That number is one-fifth of the total U.S. population.” GGB does state that the original plan would be to

Editorial: New Jersey Liquidity Issues Need More Than a Shell Game

Coming up on its second anniversary, the New Jersey online gaming market has been able to slowly build some speed. Along with Delaware in being the only operations that offer intrastate online casino gaming (Nevada only offers online poker), the Garden State earned well over $ 100 million from its online casino gaming industry in 2014, outstanding considering it was a year that saw five of its physical casinos fail. It is expected that the performance by the operations still standing in the New Jersey online casino gaming industry will perform even better, but there’s a small problem:  online casino games are continually showing growth while online poker is flat to falling. Part of the problem with the New Jersey online poker system is in the simple issue of liquidity. With a population of only 9 million people, New Jersey lacks a substantive enough population pool to be able to