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Rafael Lebron Overcomes Tough Final Table to Take $3000 Six-Handed Limit Hold’em Event at WSOP

 Rafael Lebron Overcomes Tough Final Table to Take $3000 Six Handed Limit Hold’em Event at WSOP

Defeating a final table that included the reigning World Champion and a master of the Limit game who holds three World Series of Poker bracelets himself, relative unknown Rafael Lebron came through the forest to capture the WSOP gold at Event #38, the $ 3000 Six-Handed Limit Hold’em tournament.

One of the men alluded to at the start was the chip leader when the cards went in the air on Friday. Triple-bracelet holder Matt Matros was on the top of the world at the start of the day with 978,000 chips, but there was a major threat right on his heels. Perhaps just warming up for the defense of his World Championship, Joe McKeehen made his first final table of the 2016 WSOP stacked well with 825,000 chips of his own. When the day started, Lebron was in the middle of the pack and not considered a threat.

Eight men came back on Friday, but only six would get an official WSOP final table on their poker resume. The table would take care of those two knockouts fairly quickly, with Georgios Zisimopoulos taking down Mikhail Semin in eighth and Matros dismissing Andrey Zhigalov in seventh with a rivered Broadway straight within the first hour of play. The final six then settled in for a bit of a slog, as Limit tournaments will tend to do.

Within the first 50 hands of final table play, only one player took the walk away from the Amazon Room. Alex Queen, Brad Libson and McKeehen started out in a hand together, but McKeehen would release his cards after a flop and turn of K-6-3-8. Queen’s final chips went in at this point against Libson, who showed a 6-5 for a less-than spectacular third pair. It was leading against Queen, however, as his A-Q hadn’t connected with the board as of yet. With one card to come, Queen had six outs…none of which were a second eight on the river, eliminating him in sixth place.

Other than getting the final table official, Matros had a difficult day on the felt. He never increased his stack on the final day of play and would fall at the hands of Zisimopoulos in fifth place when he caught a ten with his Q-10 when he was all in on a J-5-10 flop. Unfortunately for Matros, Zisimopoulos also caught with his A-J on that board. When no further help came for the triple-bracelet winner (a six and a trey on the turn and river), Matros was out of the tournament.

The day also wasn’t good for the defending World Champion. McKeehen suffered the same fate as Matros – the inability to get any offense going – and saw his final chips hit the center with an off suit K-8 against Lebron’s pocket Queens. After the Jack high board ran dry for McKeehen, he was out of the event in fourth place.

The surviving trio would battle for well over an hour before the next departure. On Hand 120, Zisimopoulos limped in pre-flop, only to see Libson fire over him. Undaunted, Zisimopoulos three-bet the action and, after a Libson call, saw a J-9-7 flop. Zisimopoulos bet and called a raise out of Libson to see a King on the turn, which is where it got exciting. Libson deposited the remainder of his chips in the center and, after Zisimopoulos made the call, proudly showed his K-10 for a solid pair of kings. Zisimopoulos had the goods, however, turning up pocket Jacks for an outstanding set that could only be caught by a Queen on the river (would have given Libson a King-high straight). The river card would have normally been a good one for Libson, but the ten only gave him two pair against Zisimopoulos’ set and sent him home in third place.

At the start of heads up play, Zisimopoulos held a 3:1 lead over Lebron, but Lebron would work his way into the lead within 10 hands of action. With the blinds climbing and the stacks being stressed, the duo would switch the lead back and forth over another before Lebron began to meticulously chip up. After more than 35 hands of action, Lebron stretched the lead to a million chips and, within another five hands, had Zisimopoulos on the ropes with only eight big bets left.

Zisimopoulos would scrap for nearly another 20 hands, but the end was nigh. On the final hand, Hand #202, a pre-flop raising battle saw Zisimopoulos’ final chips hit the center and he was in relatively good shape, his K-7 off suit up against Lebron’s 6-5 off suit. The Q-8-3 flop was good for Zisimopoulos, but the six on the turn was a disaster as it gave Lebron a pair. Still, with six outs to his over cards, Zisimopoulos had a puncher’s chance of coming back. The deuce on the river ended that chance, though, giving Lebron the championship.

1. Rafael Lebron, $ 169,337
2. Georgios Zisimopoulos, $ 104,646
3. Brad Libson, $ 68,896
4. Joe McKeehen, $ 46,489
5. Matt Matros, $ 32,172
6. Alex Queen, $ 22,848

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2015 WSOP Europe Event #1 – Makarios Avramidis Tops Tough Table in Winning €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em

 2015 WSOP Europe Event #1 – Makarios Avramidis Tops Tough Table in Winning €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em

Defeating a difficult final table, Makarios Avramidis emerged as the victor of the first event at the 2015 World Series of Poker Europe, the €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em tournament, on Saturday night.

Six men (hence the name of the tournament) returned on Saturday to determine the champion of this event with Paul Michaelis, who won a bracelet in Las Vegas earlier this year ($ 1500 Pot Limit Hold’em), heading the pack by a wide margin. Holding more than a third of the chips on the table, Michaelis (670K) would face challenges from Ricardo Alvarado (435K) and Stephen Chidwick (354K), while Frederic Schwarzer (242), Avramidis (179K) and a short-stacked Marvin Rettenmaier (90K) rounded out the contenders.

Rettenmaier was game fighting off the short stack, getting a key double up through Chidwick just prior to the price of poker going up (Level 20, 4K/8K blinds, 1K ante), but just as he started to make a charge he got coolered. After upping the action out of the cutoff, Rettenmaier saw Michaelis three-bet him out of the big blind. Rettenmaier put his newfound chips from Chidwick at risk by moving all in and couldn’t have been happy that Michaelis quickly made the call. It was Rettenmaier’s pocket nines against Michaelis’ pocket Aces and, after an Ace on the flop, Rettenmaier was basically drawing dead. A Jack on the turn officially had Rettenmaier drawing dead as he left the table in sixth place.

That would be the highlight for Michaelis as his 800K chip stack would never grow bigger. Just before jumping to Level 21, Michaelis doubled up Chidwick, giving a strong player a new lease on life. Chidwick would use those chips to go against Alvarado in what would be an intriguing hand, coming down with what looked to be an innocent board of 6♠ 5♣ 2 Q♠ 10♠. Chidwick would move all in on the river representing the flush, but Alvarado didn’t believe him in making the call with his Q 2. Chidwick didn’t have the flush but he did have the goods, turning up a Q 5 for a better two pair to take the lead and knock out Alvarado in fifth place.

Chidwick, now holding about half the chips in play with his 1.03 million stack, got more aggressive on the felt as the afternoon wore on. He picked chips out of the stack of virtually every other player on the felt on his way to building up a 1.4 million stack but, after another level up, he too would falter. Doubling up Michaelis once and Schwarzer twice, Chidwick saw his stack reduced to 753K in rapid fashion. Instead of taking some time to regroup, Chidwick would continue to charge with disastrous results.

Chidwick dropped to 450K in chips in doubling up Michaelis again and sent a smaller stack of chips to him on the very next hand. The twosome would square off again on a third consecutive hand, with Michaelis opening on the button and Chidwick moving all in from the big blind. Michaelis made the call and showed Big Slick to go up against Chidwick’s Big Chick (A-Q); after the resulting A-7-6-4-4 board, Michaelis’ hand had stood up and Chidwick’s rapid descent sent him out of the tournament in fourth place.

Michaelis’ return to the top of the ladder didn’t appear to bode well for his opponents. Both Schwarzer (430K) and Avramidis (400K) didn’t appear to be well-stacked to take on Michaelis (1.17 million), but all it would take was one double up to change the game. That occurred when Michaelis and Avramidis got their chips in pre-flop, with Michaelis showing pocket tens and Avramidis opening up pocket Jacks. The Q-J-9 flop brought something for both men, but the Ace on the turn and the four on the river didn’t bring Michaelis back to pass Avramidis for the victory. After the hand, Avramidis took over the lead as Michaelis dropped to the short-stack.

After doubling up Avramidis, the news didn’t get any better for Michaelis. He would open the betting up and Schwarzer immediately came back at him with a three-bet. Michaelis popped his stack in the center and, just as vociferously, Schwarzer did the same. It was a repeat of the hand with Avramidis as Michaelis held the pocket tens again and Schwarzer this time held the Jacks. For a second time the Jacks held up on the Q-3-3-3-K board and Michaelis was gone in third place.

Despite going to heads up play at a 2:1 disadvantage, Avramidis wasted little time in seizing control of the match. Within 10 minutes he had worked his way into the lead over Schwarzer and, after another hour of work, Avramidis would complete the win. On the last hand, Avramidis opened up the betting and, after Schwarzer pushed all in, called with his leading A-6. Schwarzer had two live cards with his K-6, but it was worthless after an Ace came on the flop. Once the board failed to connect with Schwarzer on the turn, he was drawing dead as Avramidis, a Greek who resides in Germany, took home the championship.

1. Makarios Avramidis, €105,00
2. Frederic Schwarzer, €64,930
3. Paul Michaelis, €45,860
4. Stephen Chidwick, €32,600
5. Ricardo Alvarado, €23,310
6. Marvin Rettenmaier, €16,740

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2015 WSOP Europe Event #1 – €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em Day 1: Oliver Price Holds Top Slot with 35 Players Left

 2015 WSOP Europe Event #1 – €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em Day 1: Oliver Price Holds Top Slot with 35 Players Left

The 2015 World Series of Poker Europe has opened the doors of the Spielbank Berlin Casino in Germany with action in its first event on the schedule. The €2000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em tournament’s Day One action saw a nice turnout and a popular British pro take the top slot for the day’s play.

From the start it was obvious that there was going to be a strong contingent of players on the tables and that the play for the day was going to be serious. Looking to knock off 12 levels of play (after a 2PM Berlin Time (8AM Eastern Time) start), the players would be driving straight through the day with no dinner break in the plans. With the players starting with 10K in chips and facing 40-minute levels, the players were jamming the chips in at every opportunity.

Only one level into play (and with late registration going on until Level 9), 169 players had made their way to the felt and a couple of them mixed it up frequently. Former “November Niner” Sylvain Loosli saw his chip stack fluctuate in the early going and Benjamin Pollak routinely saw his chip stack go from healthy to heart attack, usually within a few hands of each other. Unfortunately, Loosli wouldn’t be able to survive the fluctuations, hitting the rail before the late registration period ended. Pollak, on the other hand, survived the variations and will return to play on Day 2.

Once the final entries were counted in following the close of late registration (which Phil Hellmuth barely made), the prize pool was announced for the tournament. 197 players had shown up for the inaugural event of the 2015 WSOP-E, building a prize pool of €382,180. 21 players will take home at least €3520 for the efforts and the eventual champion walks off with the latest WSOP bracelet and a €105,000 payday.

Now ripe with the knowledge of what they were playing for, the action heated up around the Spielbank Berlin Casino. WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro was knocking off players frequently, including defending World Champion (for a little longer anyway) Martin Jacobson, to push his stack over the 45K mark. Lisandro, looking to add to the six bracelets he already has in his possession, finished off the day with slightly more than 47K in chips and will be lurking in the pack when Day 2 starts.

Hellmuth, after making his traditional late start, almost made it through the day. He was able to nearly triple up his stack but, by the close of Level 11, Hellmuth’s fortunes had turned. Losing most of his stack while holding Big Slick against an opponent’s K-J, Hellmuth would see his final chips go in pre-flop against Artur Koren and Peter Feiertag. The duo checked a Q-8-5 rainbow flop and, after a second Queen on the turn, Koren put out a toke 1500 chip bet and was called by Feiertag. Both checked the ten on the river and, after Koren showed an 8-7 for Queens up, Feiertag topped him with an A-10 for a better two pair. Hellmuth tried to muck his cards but, because he was all in, his A-7 was shown to the table as Hellmuth headed to the rail.

For the most part, the United Kingdom’s Oliver Price was quiet throughout the day. By the midpoint of the day, he had built his stack up to 75K in chips and, entering the last level of the day, was in the chip lead with 115K. In one of the final hands of the night, Price was able to get an opponent to commit his remaining stack with only the nut flush draw. Price, only holding a pair of eights himself, was able to dodge all the outs for his opponent to rake in a massive pot and sit proudly atop the leaderboard for the day:

1. Oliver Price, 171,000
2. Frederic Schwarzer, 122,900
3. Alexander Debus, 112,000
4. Giacomo Fundaro, 104,600
5. Onguin Yagci, 86,000
6. Stephen Chidwick, 84,200
7. Max Pescatori, 75,300
8. Benjamin Einert, 72,500
9. Artur Koren, 70,800
10. Sebastian Malec, 60,400

Other players such as Andrew Lichtenberger (13th place, 55,000), Scott Clements (15th, 49,000) and Lisandro (17th, 47,700) will be dangerous players to watch among the 35 who will return for Friday’s Day 2 action.

Along with the continuation of Event #1, “The Oktoberfest” will rule the weekend action in Germany. The €550 buy in tournament is expected to have the largest field of any event at the 2015 WSOP-E and will fill the Spielbank Berlin to its brim with poker players. “The Oktoberfest” will go through the weekend as Event #1 will crown a champion on Saturday. It promises to be a big weekend for poker on the Old Continent as the 2015 World Series of Poker Europe kicks off with a bang.

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Computer “unbeatable” at HU Limit Hold’em

 Computer unbeatable at HU Limit Holdem
Laptop experts at the University of Alberta in Canada have created a personal computer program that makes use of best strategy to beat HU Limit Hold’em. Named Cepheus, the system is getting deemed &quotunbeatable.&quot

To go through far more or even enjoy against Cepheus, you can go to the university’s internet site here:

Other articles or blog posts I located that give more specifics are right here:…-is-unbeatable…ying-computer/…rogram-cepheus

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