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Kenney, Holz Join Former Champion Kempe in Being Chosen for 2018 Super High Roller Bowl

 Kenney, Holz Join Former Champion Kempe in Being Chosen for 2018 Super High Roller Bowl

After missing out on being selected in the “blind draw” for the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl, former champion Rainer Kempe and high roller stalwarts Bryn Kenney and Fedor Holz have been selected to play in this year’s event.

The “second round” selections by the host casino, ARIA Resort & Casino, and the broadcaster of the tournament, Poker Central (through its PokerGO streaming outlet), were announced on Thursday. Although it lacked the fanfare that came with the lottery draw of the “first 30,” it is arguable that these 15 players chosen are players that deserve to be in the field. The 15 players who have been added to the capped 48-player are (and in alphabetical order):

Brandon Adams
Dennis Blieden
Antonio Esfandiari
Seth Davies
Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga
Fedor Holz
Matt Hyman
Rainer Kempe
Bryn Kenney
Jason Koon
Tom Marchese
Bill Perkins
Doug Polk
Jake Schindler
Dan Smith

Perhaps because of the “blind draw” of the first round, one of the former champions of this tournament, Kempe, wasn’t chosen for the tournament (something that the “powers that be” should rectify through some sort of automatic entry for former winners). That has been rectified with his selection by ARIA and Poker Central in this round, however. Holz and Schindler were both previous runners-up in this tournament (Schindler in last year’s tournament), thus their inclusion were good for the quality of the field of the tournament. Kenney’s selection also isn’t out of line as he is one of the strongest “high roller” players in the world.

“We welcome the 15 VIPs to the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl field, who are comprised of some of the most notable names in high stakes tournament poker,” Vice President of Content at Poker Central Sam Simmons stated during the announcement of the 15 men who will take part in the tournament. “These names, alongside the 30 selected at the annual Super High Roller Bowl lottery, are sure to make for the most star-studded tournament field of the year.”

There are three more slots remaining to be chosen for the tournament. Two of those seats will be other VIP additions from Poker Central and ARIA and will be chosen before the tournament starts on May 27. The final seat will be contested in what is promising to be an exciting finale.

On May 24, a $ 550 super-satellite will be held at ARIA, with a seat in the $ 10,000 Super High Roller Bowl Qualifier for every 20 players who enter the tournament. On May 25, that Qualifier will be played IF 30 players step up for the tournament. That tournament will be rake-free to those who register before noon (Pacific time) on May 25, with people who register after that time tossing another $ 500 in as juice. If more than 30 players show, then the additional money will be dispersed among those who do not win the seat to the Super High Roller Bowl tournament, which will kick off on May 27.

The $ 300,000 buy in tournament has quickly become one of the preeminent stand-alone (not associated with any tour, such as the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker) poker tournaments in the game today. Originally conceived as broadcast material for the then-fledgling cable television outlet Poker Central, the original event was a $ 500,000 buy in tournament in 2015, won by Brian Rast, but it quickly settled into its $ 300,000 buy in format the following year. In 2016, Kempe was able to outlast Holz to capture the $ 5 million first place prize, but Kempe was unable to defend his title. Last year, it was Christoph Vogelsang etching his name into the history books in defeating Schindler for the championship and the $ 6 million first place check. After the decision by ARIA and Poker Central to include Kempe, all three former champions will be back in 2018 to attempt to become a two-time champion.

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Rainer Kempe Dominates En Route to 2016 Super High Roller Bowl Championship

 Rainer Kempe Dominates En Route to 2016 Super High Roller Bowl Championship

In perhaps one of the more dominant tournament performances you’ll ever see, Germany’s (and the United Kingdom’s, by residency) Rainer Kempe dominated a stacked final table to take down the championship of Poker Central’s 2016 Super High Roller Bowl at Aria in Las Vegas early this morning.

The final table of seven men had survived the difficult 49 player field, so their minimum payday of $ 600,000 was well deserved. At the start of the action on Wednesday afternoon, Kempe held a massive chip lead with his 5.545 million chip stack. His countryman Fedor Holz (also the only player younger than Kempe at the final table) was his closest competitor with 2.19 million chips and the remainder of the field was tightly packed behind Holz. The Global Poker League’s New York Rounders manager Bryn Kenney (2.085 million), businessman Dan Shak (1.65 million), Matt Berkey (1.205 million) and Poker Hall of Famers Erik Seidel (1.12 million) and Phil Hellmuth (905,000) rounded out the stellar field.

Hellmuth, who demonstrated a style of play and actions at the tables earlier in the tournament more reminiscent of Mike Matusow, needed a double early and got it. Battling against Shak on an 8-7-6 board, Hellmuth got his chips to the center and Shak made the call. Hellmuth’s pocket Kings were in charge, but Shak had a wealth of outs with his pocket tens (four nines to a straight, two tens). When a four landed on the river, Hellmuth went from the short stack to second in chips and suddenly was a contender for Kempe to keep his eyes on.

The deliberate play – even with the 40-second “shot clock” running – also provided some outstanding play for the “plausibly live” audience watching over the CBS Sports Network (the proceedings were on a one-hour delay). Shak fought for a bit before succumbing to Holz in seventh place, actually rivering a pair with his K-J against Holz’ A-9 but seeing Holz make a straight on the 10-7-3-8-J board. A little more than an hour later, Kenney would become another victim of Holz in sixth place, his pocket sevens getting coolered by Holz’ pocket Jacks.

Even with those knockouts, Holz was still looking up at a confident Kempe. Kempe’s confidence would continue to grow when he won a race against Berkey, Kempe’s pocket sevens flopping a set and rivering a boat, to send him home in fifth place. Down to four players it was, as play-by-play commentator Ali Nejad and color commentator Nick Schulman stated, a battle of the “old guard” versus the “young guns.”

To be honest, it wasn’t much of a battle. The “old guard” – Hellmuth (1.705 million) and Seidel (935K) – didn’t have much ammunition to take to battle against Kempe (9.875 million) and Holz (2.185 million) and it was just a matter of time. Hellmuth was the first to fall to Kempe, his Q-J off suit failing to find anything to top Kempe’s K-J off suit, while Seidel staved off the two Germans for a time before eventually falling to Kempe as well in third place. After starting with the two shortest stacks in the field, however, the two Poker Hall of Famers put on a display of poker prowess that was impressive.

Kempe started with almost a four million chip lead over Holz, but that almost entirely disappeared in the first few moments of heads up play. Holz drew away after that misstep but, just before the end of Level 24, Holz would find a key double to get back within a million chips of Kempe. Holz would actually edge into the lead after about 30 minutes of play in Level 25, but Kempe would regain his advantage by the end of the level.

To speed up the process, the players agreed to skip Level 26 and, with the advanced blinds and antes of Level 27 (80K/160K with a 20K ante), the end would come fairly quickly. Kempe would pick up a big pot once play resumed to move out to a six million chip lead, then would administer the coup de grace moments later. On the final hand, Holz raised the betting and, after a Kempe three-bet, moved all in. Kempe made the call and showed a dominant pocket pair of eights over Holz’ pocket deuces and, once the board rolled out 5-10-9-4-3, the tournament was over and Rainer Kempe was the champion.

1. Rainer Kempe, $ 5,000,000
2. Fedor Holz, $ 3,500,000
3. Erik Seidel, $ 2,400,000
4. Phil Hellmuth, $ 1,600,000
5. Matt Berkey, $ 1,100,000
6. Bryn Kenney, $ 800,000
7. Dan Shak, $ 600,000

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