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Kenney, Holz Join Former Champion Kempe in Being Chosen for 2018 Super High Roller Bowl

 Kenney, Holz Join Former Champion Kempe in Being Chosen for 2018 Super High Roller Bowl

After missing out on being selected in the “blind draw” for the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl, former champion Rainer Kempe and high roller stalwarts Bryn Kenney and Fedor Holz have been selected to play in this year’s event.

The “second round” selections by the host casino, ARIA Resort & Casino, and the broadcaster of the tournament, Poker Central (through its PokerGO streaming outlet), were announced on Thursday. Although it lacked the fanfare that came with the lottery draw of the “first 30,” it is arguable that these 15 players chosen are players that deserve to be in the field. The 15 players who have been added to the capped 48-player are (and in alphabetical order):

Brandon Adams
Dennis Blieden
Antonio Esfandiari
Seth Davies
Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga
Fedor Holz
Matt Hyman
Rainer Kempe
Bryn Kenney
Jason Koon
Tom Marchese
Bill Perkins
Doug Polk
Jake Schindler
Dan Smith

Perhaps because of the “blind draw” of the first round, one of the former champions of this tournament, Kempe, wasn’t chosen for the tournament (something that the “powers that be” should rectify through some sort of automatic entry for former winners). That has been rectified with his selection by ARIA and Poker Central in this round, however. Holz and Schindler were both previous runners-up in this tournament (Schindler in last year’s tournament), thus their inclusion were good for the quality of the field of the tournament. Kenney’s selection also isn’t out of line as he is one of the strongest “high roller” players in the world.

“We welcome the 15 VIPs to the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl field, who are comprised of some of the most notable names in high stakes tournament poker,” Vice President of Content at Poker Central Sam Simmons stated during the announcement of the 15 men who will take part in the tournament. “These names, alongside the 30 selected at the annual Super High Roller Bowl lottery, are sure to make for the most star-studded tournament field of the year.”

There are three more slots remaining to be chosen for the tournament. Two of those seats will be other VIP additions from Poker Central and ARIA and will be chosen before the tournament starts on May 27. The final seat will be contested in what is promising to be an exciting finale.

On May 24, a $ 550 super-satellite will be held at ARIA, with a seat in the $ 10,000 Super High Roller Bowl Qualifier for every 20 players who enter the tournament. On May 25, that Qualifier will be played IF 30 players step up for the tournament. That tournament will be rake-free to those who register before noon (Pacific time) on May 25, with people who register after that time tossing another $ 500 in as juice. If more than 30 players show, then the additional money will be dispersed among those who do not win the seat to the Super High Roller Bowl tournament, which will kick off on May 27.

The $ 300,000 buy in tournament has quickly become one of the preeminent stand-alone (not associated with any tour, such as the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker) poker tournaments in the game today. Originally conceived as broadcast material for the then-fledgling cable television outlet Poker Central, the original event was a $ 500,000 buy in tournament in 2015, won by Brian Rast, but it quickly settled into its $ 300,000 buy in format the following year. In 2016, Kempe was able to outlast Holz to capture the $ 5 million first place prize, but Kempe was unable to defend his title. Last year, it was Christoph Vogelsang etching his name into the history books in defeating Schindler for the championship and the $ 6 million first place check. After the decision by ARIA and Poker Central to include Kempe, all three former champions will be back in 2018 to attempt to become a two-time champion.

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Pennsylvania Online Gaming Has Passed, But Will Online Outlets Join Them?

 Pennsylvania Online Gaming Has Passed, But Will Online Outlets Join Them?

After more than a year of haggling over the details, the state of Pennsylvania passed online gaming, poker and DFS regulations for its citizens. While the passage of that bill was a watershed moment that brings to four the number of states with such legislation, the question now is when will it go live. Although state legislators are looking to move quickly on the issue, there are questions regarding the taxation that could keep suitors away from Pennsylvania’s burgeoning online gaming industry.

In a report prepared by Moody’s Investors Service, which provides financial bonds research for investors and other companies, the taxation rate for slots segment of the Keystone State’s online gaming industry could scare off some suitors. The rate of 54% is much higher than the rate that states such as New Jersey (16%) and slightly higher than that in Delaware (43.5%). Such heavy taxation could be anathema to online gaming operators, who would be looking to make more of a profit from the games than not even 50% of their “win.”

And what effect would that massive tax bill on casino gaming have on those who want to enter for online poker? While they continue to indicate that they want to be a part of the industry, companies like 888 Holdings (888Poker), The Stars Group (PokerStars) and partygaming (partypoker) might not want to invest heavily with either a poker or a casino gaming operation in a market that they won’t see a suitable return.  

For now, the big question is when the clock starts ticking on just getting the licenses handed out. Although Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill into law at the end of October, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board hasn’t yet started the clock on accepting applications for online gaming licenses. Currently the PGCB is putting the final changes on the regulations themselves, pushing back further the opening of the Pennsylvania online gaming industry.

Once the PGCB opens the licensing process, those casinos inside the state will get first crack at the three levels of licensing. Those three licenses – for slots, table gaming and poker – will be available for a $ 4 million price tag for individual license. If an entity were looking to get all three, then the “hometown discount” would be $ 10 million for all three. The time frame for those companies already located in Pennsylvania will be 90 days from the date the PGCB opens for business.

After that 90-day period, outside operators would then be allowed to apply. They wouldn’t receive the discount price for all three licenses, instead they would be charged at the $ 4 million per license price. That process would run for 120 days, making for a grand total of 210 days – seven months – before just the licensing procedures would be complete. Looking at the calendar today, that would mean that just the licensing process would take until the beginning of July 2018.

Once the licensing process is complete, then the actual testing process for the different gaming software would have to be completed. If the PGCB was expedient in its review process, it is conceivable that it could take 30 days before online gaming would be opened in the state. Playing on the conservative side, let’s say it takes 90 days for them to complete their testing. That now makes it October 2018 before the first bets can be taken in the state of Pennsylvania.

Although online gaming and poker are now the law in the home of the Steelers and the Eagles, it isn’t going to be anytime soon that the games start. Hopefully within that time, state regulators will consider joining with the other three states that have online poker regulations – Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware – and join that compact to fully maximize the abilities of the online poker segment of the industry. With 2018 around the corner – and several states examining the online gaming and poker question – a fully functioning and profitable Pennsylvania market would encourage others to join the party.

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More Actors Join Cast of “Molly’s Game”

 More Actors Join Cast of “Molly’s Game”

As it slowly works its way towards filming, more actors have been named to participate in screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s first soiree into filmmaking with Molly’s Game. The actors are all character actors that have had a great deal of success in television and films and they will be taking up peripheral roles in Molly’s Game.

First up is Chris O’Dowd, best known for his roles in the films Bridesmaids and This is 40 and for adding his talents to the HBO series Girls. In 2014, O’Dowd made his Broadway debut in the play Of Mice and Men and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor. O’Dowd will take on the role of the New York player who introduces Bloom, to be played by Academy Award nominated actor Jessica Chastain, to the Russian mob.

Joining O’Dowd in the film is Jeremy Strong, who most recently starred in the Academy Award nominated film The Big Short and previously starred with Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty. He has also had roles in other prominent films such as the Steven Spielberg film Lincoln and Ava DuVernay’s Selma. Strong will play the real estate agent/“party dude” who first gets Bloom organizing the games before she takes them over for good.

Bill Camp has earned notice for his work on the HBO series The Night Of, but he has an involvement that goes back to one of poker’s seminal moments. Camp was a part of the notable poker film Rounders, playing “Eisenberg” (one of the players at the table in the Taj Mahal when the denizens of the “Chesterfield Club” journey to New Jersey). In Molly’s Game, Camp will play a participant in the games that gets behind in what he owes the other players in the game.

Finally, Graham Greene will take to the screen in the film as the judge that hears Bloom’s case. Greene is an actor whose resume is lengthy, dating back to 1976 and including appearances in the films Dancing with Wolves, Die Hard with a Vengeance and The Green Mile. Graham has also appeared on a myriad of television programs, including L. A. Law, Northern Exposure and Murder, She Wrote.

Along with these gentlemen and Chastain, noted actors Idris Elba (playing Bloom’s attorney), Kevin Costner (Bloom’s father), Broadway star Brian d’Arcy James and Michael Cera are a part of the proceedings.

The film in based on the “tell all” story that Molly Bloom, the former skiing champion who, after a debilitating injury, took to organizing high stakes poker games for Hollywood’s elite initially and then New York City’s richest and most powerful people. The games, which could see six-figure swings per hand, made Bloom quite a bit of money, but they also brought attention. In fact, it was after her move to New York City that Bloom was arrested as a part of a Russian gambling ring; the only woman charged, she plea bargained to a misdemeanor and received probation in 2013.

The book itself was seen by some as more air than sizzle as it failed to name names and dish the dirt on the participants in the games. In Hollywood, it is well known that actors Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were all a part of the game, with Maguire being slightly pointed out as a less-than pleasant person. It was also the setting for a lawsuit after businessman Bradley Ruderman participated in the poker nights offered by Bloom, often losing massive amounts of money that was eventually found to have been the property of clients of his hedge fund schemes. But Bloom didn’t offer any stories that could be constituted as tarnishing any of the images of the players in the game.

Sorkin, who is responsible for adapting the book into a screenplay for the movie, has stated that he will hold to the Bloom “no names” mantra, not mixing in any of the alleged dirt on the participants. Molly’s Game will be his first directorial effort after being the creator and writer of such television programs as The West Wing, The Newsroom and Sports Night, the play and movie A Few Good Men and the movies The Social Network, Bulworth, Moneyball and Steve Jobs.

The film began filming earlier this month, but no firm release date has been set other than “sometime in 2017.” Despite a strong cast, whether the film captures the attention of the poker world remains to be seen.

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