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Victoria Coren-Mitchell Compares Phil Ivey to Roger Federer as He Preps for Return to Tournament Poker

In an article she wrote for The Guardian in the United Kingdom, British poker semi-professional Victoria Coren-Mitchell compared 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Ivey to one of the living legends of tennis, Roger Federer. Interestingly enough, Ivey is currently prepping for a return to the tournament poker world in 2018 that he is hoping will return him to his once lofty perch in the game. Coren-Mitchell, the only two-time Main Event champion on the now-defunct European Poker Tour, was writing about Ivey’s recent legal situation with a casino in London and regaled readers with her first meeting against arguably one of the best players in the game. “The first time I played poker against him, I think he found me a little unsettling. People do, the first time,” Coren-Mitchell wrote. “In Phil’s case, I don’t think it’s just that I was female – which is what throws

Phil Ivey Loses Edge Sorting Case Appeal in British Supreme Court

Newly inducted Poker Hall of Famer, the legendary Phil Ivey, will not be receiving his winnings from five years ago from London’s Crockfords Club casino. On Wednesday, the British Supreme Court ruled against Ivey in his appeal of his “edge sorting” case against the casino, meaning that he will never see the £7.7 million he won in a lengthy punto banco session back in 2012. For those unfamiliar, Ivey and his playing partner “Kelly” Cheung Yin Sun discovered that the cards used by Crockfords were slightly miscut, resulting in the pattern on the card backs being asymmetrical. The difference was very subtle, essentially unnoticeable to most people, but Ivey and Sun saw it. In a similar scheme to one they engaged in at the Borgata, Ivey and Sun asked the dealer to rotate specific key cards 180 degrees after they were revealed before putting them back into the shoe. Because

Phil Ivey, David ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott Inducted into Poker Hall of Fame

During the broadcast of Friday night’s action at the 2017 World Series of Poker Championship Event final table, the two latest inductees for the Poker Hall of Fame were announced. With congratulations, one of them was a first-ballot inductee in Phil Ivey and the other was a well-deserved and beloved choice in David ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott. “I want to thank the living members of the Poker Hall of Fame as well as the media who voted for me to be part of the Poker Hall of Fame,” said Ivey. “It’s an honor to be inducted alongside legends like Chip Reese and Doyle Brunson. I love the game of poker and the game has done a lot for me.  I am one of the lucky people who has been able to make a living playing a game which was always my passion. Thankfully, I’m just as passionate about the game today as when

Ivey Poker Ends Coaching Content Due to Curious Conditions

Curiously citing the “current state of online poker” Ivey League, the poker training website started by poker professional Phil Ivey, will no longer upload training videos to its current menu. While the videos that are already there will continue to be accessible, there will be no “video training content” loaded after May 1. The discontinuation of new video content for the site is important as the site sold yearly and monthly subscriptions to such access. For those with yearly subscriptions, they will automatically receive a refund of the balance of the year they’ve already paid. For those with a monthly subscription, they will have to cancel their month-to-month deals through the site. The reason given for the discontinuation of training videos – “the current state of online poker” – is perhaps the most cryptic line in the announcement. Ivey League was created after one of the biggest disasters in online

Phil Ivey Loses Case with the Borgata, Owes $10.1 Million

After a drawn out civil trial that saw both sides reveal the dirty underbelly of the gambling world, poker professional Phil Ivey has lost his civil suit against the Borgata in Atlantic City, per the New Jersey Law Journal and writer Charles Toutant. In a decision released on Thursday, Ivey and his playing partner Cheng Yin Sun were ordered by U. S. District Judge Noel Hillman to pay the Borgata damages totaling $ 10.1 million. The judge could have ordered more damages as the Borgata wanted (the casino issued their statement saying they would have won more from Ivey if he had been losing), but Hillman rejected that notion as “too speculative” for the case. After hearing all the evidence in the case, it came down to a simple fact, according to Hillman. Noting that Ivey and Sun admitted to using “edge sorting” – picking out slight cutting errors in