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PokerStars Introducing “Seat Me” to Combat Bumhunters

If you play online poker or have at least been keeping up with poker news, you know that over the last few years, online poker rooms and networks have made a concerted effort to make their games more appealing to recreational players by implementing features that strip away advantages from professionals (aside from actual poker skill). PokerStars announced last week that it is continuing that trend by introducing “Seat Me,” a drastic change to its ring game lobby that will eliminate some of the pros’ and heavy grinders’ more predatory practices. “With so many customers who trust our products, we have to be particularly vigilant against tools or strategies used to gain an unfair advantage,” wrote PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset in a blog post. “We also need to be able to ensure that we create enforceable and sustainable policies, making sure that players who do