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Should I Go Pro? Part 2: Online vs. Live

They equally have their execs and their downsides. But even if you consider your determination is currently produced, you ought to weigh your alternatives carefully. Enjoying On the web: The Execs On-line poker has some excellent advantages above enjoying dwell.d Hunting previous the apparent, that you get to play in your personal residence and take in your personal foods, when you perform on-line there is often a recreation heading. You can also: Table decide on above dozens of tables throughout dozens of websites. Select and pick the very best video games and truly make your very own several hours. Bounce up and down in stakes almost immediately.  Quantity is your friend on the web.   If the online games at your current stakes are undesirable or you are working with a downswing you can fall down in stakes in seconds and still enjoy. The biggest benefit that on the web

Poker Tracker Ring Game Tabs:poker tracker stats explained

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WSOP By The Numbers: Main Event Final Table – Bluff Magazine:poker player stats shark

internet poker stats WSOP By The Numbers: Main Event Final TableBluff MagazineThe 2011 World Series of Poker is full of facts, figures, stats and records. With so many numbers being crunched day in and day out, sometimes it is tough to see what they all add up to. That is why each day BLUFF brings you some of the more …and more » poker sng stats

The Future For Online Poker Players:good poker player

poker player profileWhile this is clearly a dramatization it does highlight the irony and failure of US policies to focus on Internet poker, and not real crime. If you have any other topics you want covered on my poker blog leave a question below. http skype: jeremy@evhero.comblack poker player

Hansen Outduels DrugsOrMe, Antonius – stats full tilt

internet poker stats Hansen Outduels DrugsOrMe,… the biggest winner but Esvedra (+$83k), FinnishNightmre (+$55k), le kork (+$51k) and ReadYrSoul (+$41k) all made big scores of their own. For more information on the high stakes action from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.and more » on line poker stats