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2018 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Day 1A: Massive First Day Crowd Promises for Huge Field

 2018 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Day 1A: Massive First Day Crowd Promises for Huge Field

On Friday in the cavernous tournament arena at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL, Day 1A of the World Poker Tour’s Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown took place. The massive outpouring of players for the first day of action promises that there will be a huge field for the tournament and that the guaranteed prize pool of $ 3 million will be shattered.

With the $ 3 million guaranteed prize pool, that meant that the $ 3500 buy in tournament had to rack up roughly 895 players (taking out the juice) for the Seminole Indians not to be on the hook for the difference. To help reach that mark, there were two Day Ones scheduled and players could re-enter the tournament as many times as they liked up until the start of Level 9. From the start, however, it seemed the players were amped for the event, regardless of what the guarantee was.

When the players came together for the “shuffle up and deal” call on Friday morning, nearly 200 players were already in their seats. The tables in the new Seminole Hard Rock tournament arena rapidly filled from that point, reaching 387 entries by the start of Level 3 and passing the 500 mark (504) to start Level 5. By the time the end of late registration for Day 1A reached a close, 646 entries were in the books, essentially guaranteeing that the Seminoles wouldn’t be reaching in their pockets for any overlay for the tournament by Saturday night.  

With such a large field on Day 1A, you might have thought that it was a softer field. Nothing was further from the truth as, from the start of the day, such notable names as former WPT champions Joe Ebanks, Darren Elias and Jonathan Little were on the felt, joined by Cliff Josephy, Blake Bohn, Neil Blumenfield and the defending champion of this tournament, Tony Sinishtaj. As the day wore on, they were joined by such figures as former World Champion Joseph McKeehen, WPT champions Tony Dunst and Olivier Busquet, Joseph Cheong and Shankar Pillai.

With the players from Day 1A knowing they still had a chance to come back on Day 1B to try to build a stack, play was rather active. Halfway through the day, six players had amassed stacks of more than 100K chips (after starting with 30K) and that number only went up as the evening hours began. By the dinner break, eight members of the field were counted over the magical 100K mark, with Robert Transue over 200K (204,300). By the end of the night, however, there was a new “sheriff” in town, Uri Kadosh, who had assumed the lead.

1. Uri Kadosh, 245,500
2. Robert Transue, 239,500
3. Nguyet Dao, 237,300
4. Paul Snead, 220,000
5. Matt Glantz, 191,500
6. Joseph McKeehen, 187,700
7. John Gordon, 187,500
8. Zachary Smiley, 170,400
9. Brian Hastings, 166,400
10. Joseph Gotlieb, 164,900

Lurking under the Top Ten are such notable names as Scott Clements (158,300 chips), Art Papazyan (156,200), Curt Kohlberg (142,600) and Jeff Gross (142,500). Of the 646 entries received on Day 1A, 227 players will come back for action on Sunday.

When Day 1B begins bright and early at 11AM on Saturday morning, expect a stampede of players to come to the tournament arena. It is likely that the opening bell for Day 1B will have enough players to crack the guarantee and the numbers should soar past 1000 players by the time registration closes. It isn’t out of question to believe that the final numbers will be bigger than last year’s field, which received 1207 entries by the time registration was closed. If it were to do this, the prize pool would easily be over $ 3.25 million and make for another successful stop for the WPT and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

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2016 WPT Maryland Live! Main Event Day 1A: Numbers Indicate Large Turnout after Huge Day 1A

 2016 WPT Maryland Live! Main Event Day 1A: Numbers Indicate Large Turnout after Huge Day 1A

The latest stop on the World Poker Tour schedule, at Maryland Live! in Hanover, is a recent addition to the roster of events. In a short time, however, the action at the East Coast casino has brought out a throng of players, which was proven by the Day 1A outpouring of players for the Main Event.

The $ 3500 buy-in event featured a format that has become de rigueur on the WPT circuit. If a player was knocked out on Day 1A, they had the option of using one re-entry to get back in the game. Day 1B, set to begin on Sunday, features the same option available to all players (including the ones who played on Day 1A) and, should a player have two stacks from both Day Ones, the larger stack would move over. Finally, there would be one more entry available to players – before the start of Day 2 play on Monday – meaning that players could be in for as many as five entries ($ 17,500) if the fortunes ran against them during the two Day Ones.

The players who massed for the “shuffle up and deal” on Saturday afternoon weren’t thinking about needing another buy-in. 136 players were in their seats for the call to action, with such notable pros as WPT champion Darren Elias, Aaron Massey, Cate Hall and Shannon Shorr occupying real estate on the felt around Maryland Live! After the first level of the day was out of the way, the last big winner on the WPT, Borgata Poker Open champion Jesse Sylvia, joined the field along with Christian Harder.

By the time the dinner break arrived for the players, 221 entries had been received with 186 of the players still in the tournament. Those numbers indicate that there could be a rather large turnout for this event as, if tournament norms hold, the Day 1B field is usually two times as large as the Day 1A entries. For the inaugural event last year, 337 individual players came to the baize for action (defending champion Aaron Mermelstein is expected back to defend his title on Sunday). In all likelihood, the multiple re-entries will ensure that the prize pool will be larger than last year’s bounty.

The action around Maryland Live! wasn’t kind to some of the people in the tournament. Harder would pop two buy-ins but, according to his Twitter feed, will come back on Sunday to fire again. Jake Schwartz and Shorr also were in for two buy-ins on Saturday, with Schwartz departing on his second run in a particularly painful fashion. On a Q-6-6- flop and turn, Schwartz was all-in and watching two opponents battle to see who would go against him. A river ten saw one of the two opponents fold to a river bet, at which point the aggressor showed pocket tens for the rivered set. Schwartz could only sigh and show a Queen (for at least a flopped two pair) as he packed his bags for the hotel (and taking another shot on Sunday).

The news wasn’t all bad for the players. 97 survived the Day 1A minefields and two, Andy Spears and Daniel Burke, actually cracked the 200K mark in chips. In looking at the Top Ten, poker fans may recognize a “blast from the past” that has joined the Maryland Live! Main Event in his backyard:

Andy Spears, 211,500 Daniel Burke, 203,600 Franco Bonacci, 181,300 Anthony Zinno, 166,500 Ethan Foxman, 164,700 Ardit Kurshumi, 161,500 Alex Foxen, 154,000 Ian Davis, 151,800 Mike Del Vecchio, 144,100 Steve Dannenmann, 142,000

For those who didn’t pick out the name, Dannenmann was the runner up to 2005 World Series of Poker Championship Event winner Joe Hachem. Dannenmann, who plays sparingly nowadays but still brings a great deal of joy to the tables (much as he did in 2005 when battling Hachem), is looking to add to his career stats with the WPT coming to his home casino. Of the slightly more than $ 4.8 million that Dannenmann has won in his career, $ 4.3 million of it was won in that 2005 WSOP tournament.

Day 1B will probably not feature anyone from the Day 1A Top Ten in the fray, but it will provide those that aren’t happy with their stacks – or those that haven’t gotten into the tournament yet – another opportunity to reach for the stars. It should also toss minimum of another 200 entries into the kitty, guaranteeing that the 2016 WPT Maryland Live! Main Event is going to be a big one.

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2016 EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 1B: Huge Turnout Breaks Records

 2016 EPT Barcelona Main Event Day 1B: Huge Turnout Breaks Records

Yesterday, I made the understatement of the week when predicting the Day 1B turnout at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona Main Event: “The total field should climb well over 1,000 runners; the first starting flight is almost always the smallest.”

AS IT TURNED OUT…Day 1B eclipsed the 1,000 player mark all by itself, drawing 1,291 entrants. Day 1A’s total was 468, thus before late registrations are calculated today, the EPT Barcelona field is 1,759, easily beating last year’s record of 1,694. The official numbers have not been finalized yet as the late registration was until the start of Day 2, but it looks like somewhere around another 30 players were added on Wednesday.

If we estimate the field to be about 1,790 players, the prize pool will be around €8,681,500, as the buy-in is €5,000 and three percent is taken out for floor staff and dealers. As you might remember, PokerStars and the EPT made a change to the payout structure for this season; now 20 percent of the field will make the money, which means about 358 players will walk away with at least something to show for their efforts.

Russia’s Andrey Sharonov is the Day 1B chip leader with 278,600, also making him the overall Day 1 chip leader with 100,000 more chips than Day 1A’s leader, Alex Brand. Though the distance between the two players is significant, that the overall leader came out of Day 1B is not surprising, considering there were many more chips in play on Tuesday and therefore a better chance for someone to accumulate a hefty stack. The top four finishers from Day 1B all bested Brand’s chip mark.

Like Brand, Sharonov’s live tournament results are minimal, so if he keeps up his solid play, he will certainly boost his winnings total by a healthy percentage. According to, Sharonov has three live tournament cashes for about $ 12,000 total. A min-cash in this tournament would best his top cash.

The plan for Wednesday’s Day 2 is to play through six 75-minute levels, which is a fairly short day by major poker tournament standards. While it may come close, the tournament is not expected to make the money today.

2016 European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    Andrey Sharonov – 278,600
2.    Marco Caza – 262,000
3.    Mikhail Molchanov – 195,000
4.    Chani Hamasdi – 190,000
5.    Miroslav Forman – 175,000
6.    Quentin Roussey – 170,000
7.    Alejandro Belluccia – 150,000
8.    Raffaele Sorrentino – 140,000
9.    Ruben Suarez – 140,000
10.    Nadeem Younas – 135,000

2016 European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event – Combined Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    Andrey Sharonov – 278,600
2.    Marco Caza – 262,000
3.    Mikhail Molchanov – 195,000
4.    Chani Hamasdi – 190,000
5.    Alex Brand – 178,800
6.    Miroslav Forman – 175,000
7.    Quentin Roussey – 170,000
8.    Bernd Vogelhuber – 167,600
9.    Pavel Krasnoselskii – 155,000
10.    Michael Addamo – 153,100

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2015 WPT Legends of Poker Day 1C: David McCaw Takes Huge Lead into Day 2

 2015 WPT Legends of Poker Day 1C: David McCaw Takes Huge Lead into Day 2

All three starting flights are in the books at the 2015 World Poker Tour (WPT) Legends of Poker Main Event and now it is on to Tuesday’s Day 2. David McCaw dominated Day 1C on Monday, opening up a nearly 100,000 chip lead on his nearest competitor. He is also the overall Day 1 chip leader with 272,100 chips, easily outpacing Day 1B leader Leonid Markin (203,000) and Day 1A top man JC Tran (201,700).

Day 1C saw 336 players pay the $ 3,700 to participate, bringing the three-day total to 721 entrants Registration is still open until the start of Day 2, upon which the prize pool and payout schedule will be finalized. 284 players made it through the three starting flights, so with late entrants, we’re probably looking at 290-300 people sitting down on Tuesday.

Should the field stay exactly the same, the prize pool will be $ 2,412,826.50 (721 entrants x $ 3,450 buy-in less 3 percent for an administration fee).

The chip leader, David McCaw, is a Brooklynite with a modest live tournament resume. He has just $ 29,021 in earnings (though I would gladly take that), with his largest cash coming from a 21st place finish in this year’s California State Poker Championship, a run which earned him $ 6,240. He does have one World Series of Poker cash, as he eeked into the money in the Millionaire Maker event this summer.

Some notable names who survived Day 1C (credit to for the updates) include WPT commentator, Poker Hall of Famer, and “Ambassador of Poker,” Mike Sexton, last season’s WPT Player of the Year Anthony Zinno, Scotty Nguyen, Dan Shak, Tom Marchese, and Joseph Cheong.

Mike Sexton’s broadcast partner, Vince Van Patten, was eliminated on Day 1C, so we are fairly confident that there was no collusion (BUT WHAT ABOUT CHIP DUMPING). Others who will need to pony up before Day 2 starts if they want to continue are Faraz Jaka, David Benyamine, and Aaron Massey.

2015 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker – Day 1C Chip Leaders

1.    David McCaw – 272,100
2.    Justin Schwartz – 184,000
3.    Anthony Pitesa – 171,100
4.    Greg Pohler – 169,200
5.    Steve Vargas – 155,600
6.    Brett Murray – 140,200
7.    Nicholas Pupillo – 133,300
8.    Tom Marchese – 129,000
9.    Danny Fuhs – 126,400
10.    Jason Les – 111,900

2015 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker – Combined Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    David McCaw – 272,100
2.    Leonid Markin – 203,000
3.    JC Tran – 201,700
4.    Daniel Wagner – 199,900
5.    Justin Schwartz – 184,000
6.    Paul Lindsay – 189,300
7.    Mark Scacewater – 179,100
8.    Aditya Prasetyo – 179,100
9.    Anthony Pitesa – 171,100
10.    Greg Pohler – 169,200

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