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Online Gambling Bill Makes It Through Michigan House Committee

A bill to legalize online gambling passed through a Michigan House of Representatives committee Wednesday and though it will be nearly impossible for it to advance any further during this legislative session, there is some hope for the next. The Bill, House Bill 4926, was introduced by Rep. Brandt Iden three months ago. He told Online Poker Report (OPR) in October that he wanted to see it pass the House by Thanksgiving. “Throughout the month of October, I’m hoping to gain a lot of headway,” Iden told OPR. “If I had my way, we’ll be able to get everyone to the table and put a bill together and through the House before the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll see how achievable it is, but that’s my goal.” Well, it clearly wasn’t achievable, as it only just now made it through a committee and the legislative session is about to end. The good

Oregon House Passes Bill to Shut Down Portland Poker Rooms

A bill that would amend Oregon poker laws to ban the “for profit” industry that has sprung up has passed through the Oregon House of Representatives and now is waiting for the Oregon Senate’s review and vote. The legislation that would ban Portland poker rooms, known as HB 2190, passed through the House by a prohibitive majority of 39-16. In that legislation, the current laws would be amended to state that only “social” poker games could be conducted and that those gatherings would have to be “operated and controlled by a charitable, fraternal or religious organization” such as the American Legion or Knights of Columbus groups. At this time, Portland is home to a thriving, for-profit industry, with 13 poker rooms that exist in the city limits for the past decade and another seven that are within the county. Over the past year, the focus of law enforcement has been

There’s a Strange Online Gambling Bill in the New Hampshire House

Sometimes news goes overlooked* for one reason or another or none at all. Perhaps in the case of New Hampshire, the news isn’t really all that big of a deal because it is unlikely nothing will come of it, but hey, it’s still interesting. In early January, Republican Representative Eric Schleien introduced HB562 into the state’s House of Representatives, a bill which would decriminalize online gambling in New Hampshire. It was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and was given a public hearing at the end of last month. Here’s what the bill does not do: regulate online gambling. But it decriminalizes it, right? Right! But that is literally all the bill does. New Hampshire’s gambling laws define “illegal” gambling and then list a few exceptions, specific forms of gambling that, while technically qualifying under the definition of illegal gambling, are separated out and given exemptions. HB562 would

Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Passes House

Last week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted in favor of an amendment to HB 2150 that would expand gambling in the state, including the legalization and regulation of online poker. That was fantastic, but it was still just a vote on an amendment. The bill was then sent to the Appropriations Committee for financial approval and then finally, on June 28th, the House gave a positive vote to HB 2150 as a whole, 114 to 85. HB 2150 has now been sent to the Senate’s Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee. There is nothing particularly unusual about the online gaming portion of the bill; both online poker and casino gambling would be permitted should the bill become law. As is the case with bills and laws elsewhere, this would be for intrastate online gambling, meaning that only people within Pennsylvania’s borders would be able to play on the Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Online Poker Amendment Passes House

Pennsylvania State Representative John Payne, one of the champions of online poker in the state legislature and sponsor of HB 649, a bill which would legalize and regulate online poker, said recently that he believed a re-vote on the issue would be coming soon. In late May, the House rejected a pair of amendments to the bill mainly because of a clerical error that caused confusion about what the vote was actually for. A future re-vote was requested and granted. It turns out that Payne was right, but not specifically about his bill. Last week, A8734, an amendment to HB 2150, was passed by the House by a sizable 115 to 80 vote. The amendment approves significant expansion of gambling in the Commonwealth, including the legalization of online poker. Payne, as one would expect, gave it a “yea” vote. The bill still needs to be approved by the Appropriations Committee,