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PokerStars Eliminates Regular Heads-Up Cash Game Tables

The PokerStars makeover continues. This week, many players on the world’s largest online poker site have received e-mails telling them that their regular heads-up cash game tables will disappear on Friday, replaced with Zoom Poker tables. The e-mail was brief: We are writing to inform you that as of Friday 12th February No Limit Hold’em, Fixed Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up regular tables will be removed and will be replaced with Zoom pools. Heads-Up Zoom is already in place at most stakes and will be added at $ 50/$ 100. We will also be adding Zoom No Limit Hold’em Cap games at stakes up to $ 25/$ 50. This change is part of our commitment to reducing predatory behaviour and improving the recreational player experience. The “predatory behaviour” referenced (and I’ll keep the Euro-spelling) is “bumhunting.” The crude term refers to when seasoned poker pros sit by themselves

PokerFunKid 2 x Heads-Up shoot-out added value tournament

Hey everyone. There are 2 heads up matches scheduled quickly with a whole lot of added benefit. Simply because the purchase-in is out of my bankroll and i want to share this very good, valueable heads up shoot out MTT with you all i want to offer 50%. I am self-assured about my heads-up perform and been practising on it a good deal for a whilst. Data Heads-Up tournament 1: A particular Organic Born Shootout match to be held on the nineteenth of April CET (8pm Uk) @ Pokerstars. The winner of the heads up Shootout match will be crowned All-natural Born Winner and receive an extra $ 500 in tickets. We will also award an included $ 200 in tickets for the shootout runner up. Extra prizes will be awarded to the players with the greatest poker IQs. Tourney ID 1199419741 on 19/04/2015 is a Shootout Match really worth

Heads-Up poker challenge and discussion

Welcome to my thread. The purpose of this thread is to produce a useful resource managed by the CardsChat group about Heads-Up poker. Men and women can share and discuss their encounters, and ideally it can gain everybody. Secondly, I have not too long ago (yesterday) began playing HU poker. I began with a bankroll of $ 30, and made a decision to enjoy $ one.fifty SNGs on Pokerstars. I will be using a rigorous 20 BI BRM rule, so as before long as I get to $ 70 I will engage in $ three.50 HU SNGs, and if I fall underneath $ 70 I will fall again down to $ 1.50 video games. I will put up final results day-to-day, and maybe some comments about my very own encounter. I hope we can all contribute and make this a worthwhile useful resource. Regards, Chris Cardschat Poker Community forums