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Las Vegas’ WNBA Team Has a Great New Name

When the news broke in October that the San Antonio Stars of the WNBA were purchased by MGM Resorts International and moved to Las Vegas, a few things popped into my head: a) that stinks for fans in San Antonio, b) how interesting that a gaming corporation acquired a professional sports team, c) Las Vegas really has some sports momentum right now, and d) they are TOTALLY going to flub the team’s name, if it is renamed. To my shock and delight, though, I was proven wrong on that last point! MGM Resorts International recently announced that the new name of its WNBA team will be the “Aces.” How about that? A simple, catchy, gambling-related name for a Las Vegas sports team! And if someone doesn’t like the gambling connotations of the name, just use an excellent alternate definition of Aces, like “great” or “people who are really good at

New Netflix Movie “Win It All” The Next Great Gambling Film?

It isn’t very often that movies about gambling – and especially poker – come across any of the forms of media from Hollywood. Arguably the best known of this genre is the seminal poker film Rounders and there are few other examples that would compare (for comedy, check out The Grand and, to help Matt Savage’s retirement fund, go for Lucky You). A new effort that didn’t even go to the silver screen is now drawing attention for its realistic look at gambling and poker. One of the best things that has come from the streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix is that they are now developing their own programming. That’s where a fan of gambling films can find Win It All, streaming on Netflix basically any time that the viewer wants to watch it. The movie has a 95% approval rating on the movie website Rotten

had a great run yesterday at the tables

Nowadays nicely i just gave it all back again…Time to begin once more and see what happens, what a day of just poor runs:joyman: Cardschat Poker Forums

888 Withdrawl Great experience.

After by no means depositing at 888 I manufactured a withdrawl request for $ 50US on January 15 and forwarded my documentation the up coming day. I received a approval affirmation the following working day stating a verify for $ 57C would be issued on A Canadian clearing residence. I acquired the verify on Jan. twenty five dated Jan 20 in the mail and experienced no problems cashing it. As much as I am involved this is outstanding provider. A check was issued within five times for an account that I by no means deposited in. I give my seal of acceptance to 888. :elefant: :celebration: Cardschat Poker Community forums

Great, informative and fun poker stream

Hey everybody. I’ve identified an additional wonderful streamer. A lot to learn from and entertaining to observe. http://www.twitch.television/pokerstaples Cardschat Poker Discussion boards