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Editorial: If the Money is Good, Why Quit Poker?

We’ve hit the doldrums of the post-World Series of Poker season and many have used the break to recharge their batteries. Some players will be heading back to the tables when the tournament schedule cranks into full swing in August but others, even though they are highly successful, will step back and not play quite as much. It makes one wonder that, if the money is so good, why would anyone quit poker? The question was raised after the winner of the WSOP’s $ 111,111 One Drop High Roller, Germany’s Fedor Holz, raised some intriguing questions regarding his future in the game of poker. In an interview with Lee Davy at, Holz told the stories of how he drilled himself mentally and physically prior to the start of this year’s WSOP and was constantly attempting to maintain the mindset that allowed him to play fantastic poker (he made nearly

Wanted: Good micro stakes poker book

I’d like to know what a very good poker ebook for micro stakes play would be. Non electronic duplicate availability favored. Cardschat Poker Message boards

Good bet slider option for 4-betting preflop?

what slider do you use for 4-betting? how considerably of the pot is a two.two-two.5x size four-wager? also if i elevate and someone three-bets me can i use 25bb slider? will it work? Cardschat Poker Message boards

Done Good Today Could not uncover the one particular on Betonline but completed in the money. I had 4 tournys operating at the same time from one:00 PM untill 8:00. And most of them lasted that prolonged. Thanks CC for all these freeroll for us to enjoy in. Cardschat Poker Message boards

Variance and Poker Pt. 1: How Good Cash-Game Players Outrun Luck

In this two-element sequence PokerOlymp’s Arved Klohn clarifies what variance is and how it dictates your poker results. First he’ll just take a search at variance in stay poker and then he’ll evaluate stay poker variance to on the internet poker. By Arved Klohn Variance isn’t really a soiled word for each se, but for most of us it is a extremely theoretical phrase and only few of us understand what it in fact means. Let us contact him John.   Variance has a whole lot to do with mathematics, which – once again – is not a soiled word but a science that makes confident our cars generate, our planes fly and our wise telephones are smart (to some extent at minimum). To understand what variance indicates one particular does not have to research probability principle or know that the abbreviation CLT means “Central Limit Theorem.” It is in