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888poker’s Gift Showers Promo Underway

888poker is in the midst of a holiday-themed promotion with one of my favorite names ever, even if it is a little wordy: Gift Showers $ 800,000 Season of Giving Promotion. I’m just imagining my childhood self, cackling with glee as presents rain down on me, each one a mystery, possibly containing that thing that would make my wildest dreams come true. Now, 888’s promo isn’t exactly like this, but for those who play poker on the site, it’s a cheap and easy way to try to win prizes until the day after Christmas. 888 is hosting three different types of tournaments during the Gift Showers promotion: All-In Gift Tournament – every day at 20:20 GMT through December 26th $ 2,000 Lucky Star Tournament – every day at 01:05, 11:05, and 18:05 GMT through December 26th $ 6,500 Starburst Tournament – every Sunday at 20:35 GMT through December 25th The

A Christmas Gift: A Visit From St. Doyle

(Writer’s note:  I penned this a decade ago and it still rings true even today. Over the years I’ve considered changing some of the names used in the course of the tale (due to transgressions), but have left the original intact for posterity and to reflect the original inspiration. To you, the reader, and with apologies to Clement Moore, we pass along our wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and Seasons’ Greetings and wish the best of the New Year to all!) A Visit from St. Doyle ‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house, The only thing heard Was the clicking of a mouse. The stockings were hung By the chimney with care. But nothing was in them As I looked at two pair. The tournament was late, The blinds they were high. I considered a raise And behind heard a sigh. The children were

Looking For a Gift? Couple of Poker Books to Fill the Stockings

There is less than two weeks until the celebration of Christmas around the world and Hanukkah is already in full swing, with its conclusion on Monday. At this point, many have exhausted all of the gift options that they might have thought of, but there are a couple of books out there that might interest the poker fan in a person’s life. These books are diametric opposites – one a stringent strategy guide, the other a more whimsical look at how the game shapes a life. First, the strategic objective… Jonathan Little has become one of the more prolific writers for the folks at D&B Publishing. His earlier works – his trio of books entitled Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker and his tome Live No Limit Cash Games – have been excellent entries into the poker strategy genre. Even after all of this, Little has wanted to do more to help