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Rep. Charlie Dent Retiring from Congress Earlier Than Expected

 Rep. Charlie Dent Retiring from Congress Earlier Than Expected

You know that feeling when you are around a person and you think to yourself, “Why won’t they just go away already?” Well, I’ve never been around him, but I’ve had that feeling about Rep. Charlie Dent (R – Penn.) for a while now. And guess what? He’s actually about to go away! Last fall, Dent announced that he would not run for re-election, but recently, he decided he wasn’t even going to wait for the end of his term and would walk away within the next few weeks. Though he is not my representative (mine is actually worse), I will not miss him.

Dent has positioned himself as a moderate Republican, serving as co-chair of the Tuesday Group Caucus, which is supposed to be a counter to the continued shifting of the party to the far right. But despite this positioning, Dent took up an extremely conservative stance on online poker, looking to ban it completely.

But it’s not even his objectively stupid stance on internet poker that I despise about him. It’s that he tried to get the game banned in an acutely unethical manner. See, he’s another one of those Sheldon Adelson jock-sniffers in Congress who will do the billionaire Republican donor’s bidding even if it goes against the best interest of his constituents (Pennsylvania, remember, legalized online poker and will see sites launch this year). Though Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) hasn’t done much on Capitol Hill and has been widely seen, even by most Republicans, as crony capitalism, Dent tried at least once to sneak RAWA language into an appropriations bill. The idea was to tack it on to a bill that was sure to pass without anyone noticing, then viola! No more online poker.

Here’s what the language looked like. Dent tried it in 2016, then was supposedly going to do it again last year, but I do not believe he ended up doing so:

The Memorandum Opinion for the Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, dated September 20, 2011, and pertaining to the lawfulness of proposals by Illinois and New York to use the Internet and out-of-state transaction processors to sell lottery tickets to in-state adults (including the applicability of the Wire Act (18 U.S.C. 1084) and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (31 U.S.C. 5361–5367) to such proposal), does not carry the force of law and shall have no force and effect for purposes of interpreting or applying section 5362(a)(10) of title 31, United States Code.

Fortunately, some of Dent’s lawmaker colleagues saw what he was doing and disapproved, so he only submitted the amendment then immediately withdrew it.

From various interviews, it seems like part of why Dent is leaving Congress early is that he’s simply sick of Donald Trump and his administration. While he hasn’t completely come out and condemned Trump, he has admitted that he is tired of all the childish tweets and insane behavior coming from the White House, that it all gets in the way of what he and others are trying to get accomplished (even if some of what he wants to accomplish is crap). He was going to be done at the end of the year anyway, so he figured, might as well end the headache and be done now.

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2016 WSOP Dates Announced, Colossus Expected to be Even Bigger

 2016 WSOP Dates Announced, Colossus Expected to be Even Bigger

The World Series of Poker is just around the corner…well, if that corner is about 250 miles away and then around an extended series of corners. But nevertheless, unless our planet unexpectedly gets engulfed by the sun within the next several months, there will be a WSOP in 2016. And now we know exactly when.

The WSOP has announced that the 2016 World Series of Poker will run from May 31st, 2016 to July 18th, 2016, not counting the November Nine. The official schedule has yet to be revealed, but it appears that the final day of May will be a setup day of sorts, perhaps with cash games and satellites starting. That’s because the first event, the Casino Employees Event, does not start until June 1st.

Event #2 is one of the highlights of the entire WSOP schedule: the return of the Colossus. Colossus II, as it is being called, is a $ 565 No-Limit Hold’em re-entry event, slated to have six separate starting flights. Those starting flights will be split across three days, likely with one beginning each morning and one beginning early each evening, if it follows the same pattern as this year’s Colossus.

The 2015 Colossus set a couple records: it was the lowest buy-in open event in World Series of Poker history and, at 22,374 entrants, was the largest live tournament in poker history. It looks like WSOP organizers expect the 2016 edition to be even larger, as this year’s event had four starting flights across two days. The guaranteed prize pool has also been increased from $ 5 million to $ 7 million, with a $ 1 million guarantee for first place.

As mentioned, the Colossus II will be a re-entry event, meaning that players who bust out of one starting flight can pay another buy-in to try again in one or more subsequent flights. In a new twist, the tournament will adopt the format of the WSOP Europe’s Oktoberfest event, as each starting flight will make it through the money bubble before the day ends. The WSOP says one major goal of this format is to “ease congestion” that they saw this year, which likely came from players trying to hang on as their starting flight went late in order to make it to Day 2 and possibly cash. With cashes out of the way on the very first day, there will be less incentive for many players to squeak into Day 2.

What this also means is that it is very possible for someone to cash more than once in the Colossus II. If a player cashes in one starting flight but busts out before the end of the day, he can still re-enter in another starting flight and possibly cash there, as well.

Of course, there is also the Main Event, which was won by Joe McKeehen this year. The 2016 WSOP Main Event will begin July 9th and run through July 18th before breaking until November (or October, if the schedule is adjusted for the U.S. presidential election). There will be three opening flights, held July 9th, July 10th, and July 11th.

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Another RAWA Hearing Expected in House of Representatives in December

 Another RAWA Hearing Expected in House of Representatives in December

According to statements out of the Poker Players Alliance, Washington, D. C. might not be done with its tango with online gaming and poker.

The PPA tweeted yesterday that “the on again/off again iGaming hearing in Congress is now on again.” According to the PPA, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, will be bringing his proposed legislation up in a hearing on December 9. Whether a vote on pushing the bill, HR 707 or the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” (RAWA), will be held at that time or if it will just be another opportunity to gauge the winds around the Capitol is unknown.

What is known is that Chaffetz has had difficulty getting anything going regarding RAWA. Originally filed in mid-2014, RAWA was allegedly written by a lobbyist for billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his anti-gambling organization, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. The CSIG, a pet project out of Adelson to stop what he considers a “cancer” on society, has been Adelson’s foot soldiers in the fight against federal legislation for online gaming or poker.

Chaffetz, along with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, both presented their original RAWA bills during the summer of 2014 and, following the midterm elections in November, attempted to squeeze the bills through as a part of an omnibus program that would be able to hide it (a common tactic in Washington, to tack another bill that cannot stand on its own to one that has to be passed). Only the work of the PPA and its grassroots membership were able to snuff out RAWA in the last Congressional session.

With the new Congress seated in January, Chaffetz all but immediately jumped back on the bandwagon. In February, Chaffetz – using his new chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee – put RAWA back into the legislative mix. He immediately set out to push the legislation through the House by scheduling a hearing the very next month. That hearing, which was supposed to show Chaffetz’s abilities in getting the job done (especially to a major donor such as Adelson), instead demonstrated the power of the people.

The March hearing was derided for the list of witnesses that Chaffetz gathered for the hearing or, better yet, the witnesses that he didn’t. Chaffetz attempted to stack the deck against online gaming and poker by bringing out witnesses that continually pointed out the detriments of the industry. As for a pro-online gaming or poker voice, there wasn’t initially a witness. Reluctantly, Chaffetz was forced to put at least a nonpartisan voice on the panel who neither advocated for or against online gaming or poker.

Chaffetz has also faced strong backlash from many in his own party. Representative Bob Goodlatte, who has long been a thorn in the side of online gaming and poker, now comes from a viewpoint of gaming being a “state’s rights” issue rather than something that the government should have oversight (a position perhaps pushed by Goodlatte’s constituency being strongly behind the “liberty” movement). As of today, he hasn’t endorsed Chaffetz’s.

In the Senate, Graham has been less quick to jump back into the RAWA frenzy. He waited until June to reintroduce his own RAWA to the Senate, entitled as Chaffetz’s version with the nomenclature SB 1668. With his interests currently on his candidacy for the GOP nomination for President of the United States in 2016, Graham hasn’t pushed his version of the bill in the Senate nearly as hard as Chaffetz has pushed his.

The move by Chaffetz for new hearings on RAWA come as the PPA and other groups thought that its chance of movement in 2015 was essentially done. Such diverse and bipartisan organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police and Campaign for Liberty have banded together to state their opposition to RAWA, bemoaning it as “crony capitalism” at its finest. Even with opposition as plentiful as it is, Chaffetz obviously still believes he can push the bill through to the full House for consideration, however.

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