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Fedor Holz Invests in e-Sports Franchise

One of the things that “normal” people wonder about is what poker players do with the (occasionally) massive amounts of money they win. Unfortunately for most, that money doesn’t stay in their pockets for long due to different leaks that they might have. But for German poker superstar Fedor Holz, you can say he’s potentially looking to the future and investing his money. Holz, who has won almost $ 27 million in live tournament poker earnings since 2012, has invested a portion of that take into the growing world of e-Sports. Holz is now a part owner of Envy Gaming, which is the ownership behind Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel, teams that compete in the League of Legends Championship Series (Team Envy) and the Overwatch League (Dallas). League of Legends and Overwatch are both multiplayer online video games that feature teams battling against each other in the video realm.

Forbes Examines Similarities Between Esports and Poker

In the world of business, there is always that quest in finding the “next big thing.” With this point in mind, the business and finance magazine Forbes is looking into what many are saying will be the “next big thing” – Esports – and comparing it with what now appears to be “old news” – poker. Writer Darren Heitner examines in an in-depth article the similarities between the burgeoning Esports world – stating that it is expected to generate $ 590 million in wagers on gambling sites by the end of this year – and the world of poker. He also notes that the powerful Canadian provincial gaming site Loto-Quebec recently accepted its first bets on an Esports event. Heitner shows how the Esports community has slowly broken onto the consciousness of the populace, including the development of a business course at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas that focuses on