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PokerStars Introduces Usain Bolt Edition Zoom Poker Tables

As PokerStars’ push to attract and retain recreational players forges ahead, it has launched a new promotion, featuring, for the first time, a celebrity-branded poker table. Just days after retiring from his legendary sprinting career, Usain Bolt has lent his name to the – appropriately – Zoom Poker tables with the “PokerStars Zoom Usain Bolt Edition.” The new Usain Bolt tables are the same as any other Zoom Poker table, but with the addition of Bolt’s name and likeness. PokerStars has also added the cute feature of turning the table’s traditional padded rail into a race track. For those of you who are new to Zoom Poker, the rules of the game itself are the same as always. The mechanics, though, are different. Rather than sitting down with a set group of players at a single table, players select the game type and stakes and are then placed into a