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Washington D. C. Reignites Discussion of Online Gaming and Poker

In all honesty, there has been very little regarding the regulation of online gaming and/or poker in the halls of Washington, D. C. of late. Back during his confirmation hearings, however, the then-Attorney General nominee, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, was posed the question of what he would do with the 2011 decision by the Department of Justice by Sheldon Adelson water boy South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Sessions reply was that he would have to reexamine the decision “at some point in time.” It seems that, at least in some arenas, that Sessions (now firmly ensconced as the head of the Department of Justice as Attorney General) is ready to reexamine the issue. Perhaps influenced by anti-online gaming zealot, casino owner and billionaire Adelson’s work for the Republican Party (AKA his donation of millions of dollars in “bribes” – oh, wait, “money for the Inauguration” and other political donations), many

Heads-Up poker challenge and discussion

Welcome to my thread. The purpose of this thread is to produce a useful resource managed by the CardsChat group about Heads-Up poker. Men and women can share and discuss their encounters, and ideally it can gain everybody. Secondly, I have not too long ago (yesterday) began playing HU poker. I began with a bankroll of $ 30, and made a decision to enjoy $ one.fifty SNGs on Pokerstars. I will be using a rigorous 20 BI BRM rule, so as before long as I get to $ 70 I will engage in $ three.50 HU SNGs, and if I fall underneath $ 70 I will fall again down to $ 1.50 video games. I will put up final results day-to-day, and maybe some comments about my very own encounter. I hope we can all contribute and make this a worthwhile useful resource. Regards, Chris Cardschat Poker Community forums