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$5 NLHE 6-max: Facing aggression in 3bet pots with decent hands

 $5 NLHE 6 max: Facing aggression in 3bet pots with decent hands
This post is about 3 different hands in 3bet pots. I’m rusty and feel like I misplayed probably all 3. No tracking software for me at the moment, so bear with the formatting please. I also play on bovada so comprehensive stats aren’t really doable.

1st hand: reads were minimal in this hand. Table was loose, but not overly aggressive.

Hero (100bb) is BB with A9dd.

UTG (75bb) call, fold, CO (120bb) raise to 3bb, fold, SB (100bb) call, Hero raises to 12bb, fold, fold, call

Flop (pot 28bb): QdQc3s

SB (88bb) check, Hero (88bb) bet 15bb, SB call

Turn (58bb): Kd

SB check, Hero check

River (58bb): 3d

SB all-in, Hero ??

2nd Hand: table had been generally loose. I had not seen villain show down a hand, nor be aggressive enough to really stand out

Hero (100b) is MP with AsQh

UTG (90bb) raise to 3bb, Hero raise to 9bb, fold, BTN call, fold, fold, UTG call

Flop (28.5bb) AhJh3c
UTG bet 15bb, Hero call, fold

Turn (58.5bb): 6c
UTG bet 59bb, Hero ??

3rd Hand: the table had become short-handed, only 3 players left. I knew very little about villain as he had only recently sat down.

Hero (100bb) is BTN with As3s

Hero raise to 3bb, fold, BB (100bb) raise to 5bb, Hero call

Flop (10.5bb): AcJs9s

BB bet 5bb, Hero call

Turn (20.5bb): Jd
BB bet 20bb, Hero call

River (60.5bb): Kc
BB all-in, Hero ??

In the first hand, I feel good about all the decisions until the river. In the second hand, I’m not sure if I should even be 3 betting pre in that spot or flatting on the flop. Third hand I’m not sure if I should raise either flop or turn…

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