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Former Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov Trial Date Set

In a case that is now dragging on into its second year regarding a transaction from 2014, former Amaya Gaming Chief Executive Officer David Baazov now has a date set for his trial on insider trading charges. In proceedings held last week in the Quebec Court, Judge Claude Leblond scheduled the start of Baazov’s trial for a November 20 start date. Counting in holidays, the lawyers concluded that the trial will take about 13 weeks as the prosecution plans an extensive case. The attorneys for the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the province of Quebec’s equivalent of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, have called the case against Baazov and two defendants the “largest insider trading investigation in Canadian history” and plan to call around 50 witnesses. Other than the sheer number of witnesses (including some that potentially could testify via videoconference), there are other problems that are lengthening

Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Doesn’t Pass; Re-Vote at Future Date

It was a weird day in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Tuesday as legislators voted on whether or not to legalize online gambling, including online poker, in the Commonwealth. It was generally thought that Tuesday would be a close win for the online poker community, but it strangely wasn’t. The conclusion, though, is yet to come. Rep. John Payne introduced HB 649, a bill which would legalize and regulate online gambling, in February of last year. One would have thought that it would be this bill that the representatives would vote on, but instead, up for a vote were two amendments to a different online gaming bill, HB 1925. The two amendments, A7622 and A7619, are quite similar, save for one major difference. A7622 includes language – in addition to online gaming – that would permit non-casinos to have video gaming terminals (VGT’s) on their premises. VGT’s are video slot,

PokerStars Announces Launch Date for New Jersey Online Poker Site

Despite having several obstacles thrown in their path – and getting through each of them – it was announced late Thursday that PokerStars, the #1 online poker site in the international poker industry, would once again be allowed to play on U. S. shores, albeit only in the state of New Jersey at this time. Amaya Gaming chairman David Baazov made the announcement that many in the online poker community in the United States had been waiting for – that PokerStars would go “live” for New Jersey residents on March 21. “PokerStars is the global leader in online poker and trusted by its customers for its robust and innovative technology, world-class security and game integrity,” he stated during the announcement of PokerStars’ return. “We are honored and excited to now bring these experiences to New Jersey.” The full-online gaming market of New Jersey has been awaiting the addition of the