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Viejas Casino Customer Wins Aston Martin in Casino Promo…But Nah?

 Viejas Casino Customer Wins Aston Martin in Casino Promo…But Nah?

When I was a freshman in high school, won the botany division of my high school’s science fair and advanced to the city-wide/regional competition. I didn’t win top honors, but there were other, independent awards handed out; I was fortunate enough to win one, called (and I’m probably not being quite accurate here, as this was 25-ish years ago), the Army Achievement Medal. I walked on stage to receive my award, but they didn’t actually have it ready to go. Instead, I was to receive it in the mail. It never came. I still have the satisfaction of a job well done, but to this day, I still think about that medal once in a while and wish I had it. That’s nothing, though, compared to what Merida Manipoun has not yet received for winning a prize drawing at California’s Viejas Casino & Resort in May 2016.

Viejas held a contest called the “Dream Machine” in which patrons could earn entries into a drawing based on their play in the casino. The grand prize: a 2016 Aston Martin Vantage GT valued at $ 134,000.

Manipoun – also known previously as Anoma Sengvixay – had her name drawn and was celebrated on stage at the casino. Of course, as these things go, and as people sometimes lament when winning a big prize, Manipoun was also going to have to fill out a tax form and eventually pay taxes on the value of the car. But hey, it amounted to a relatively cheap luxury car, so let the good times roll, right?

Wrong. After winning, Manipoun – according to a lawsuit she has filed – was pressured by Viejas managers to accept a much smaller cash payment instead of the car. There was no violence involved, but the coercion was strong. The text of the lawsuit spells it out:

After receiving her public congratulations and posing for promotional materials, Ms. Manipoun was escorted into a back room, by one or more Defendants, and subjected to a high-pressure sales pitch in which she was strenuously encouraged to forego her entitlement to the Car and, instead, accept a relatively de minimis sum of cash compensation, on the apparent theory that such would afford her appreciable tax benefits.

Ms. Manipoun resisted the subject sales pitch and, instead, demanded that she be given the Car she had rightfully earned.

Oh, and Viejas still hit Manipoun with the tax form for the full value of the car, even though they wouldn’t give it to her.

Manipoun then went to the Aston Martin Dealership in San Diego that had provided the car for the promotion, but “she was informed that it was not in possession of any paperwork indicating her entitlement to the Car and, to the contrary, that she would not be receiving the Car.”

So there she was, no cash, no car, but a hefty tax bill. Lawsuit time!

What’s interesting here is that because Veijas is on tribal land and therefore has sovereign immunity protection against many lawsuits, Manipoun has gone after the casino staff. The lawsuit names casino operations manager Lou Dibela, manager of gaming activities Chris Kelly, and casino host Linda Carr, as well as twenty “John Doe” defendants and Aston Martin of San Diego. All but the car dealership are being sued for fraud, breach of unfair competition law, and twice conspiracy to defraud. The dealership is being sued for breach of unilateral contract claim.

One would think that Ms. Manipoun has an extremely strong case, especially considering that she won a very visible promotion and was “awarded” the car in front of casino customers, but the law can be an ugly thing, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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UKGC Announces New Customer Account Access Regulations

 UKGC Announces New Customer Account Access Regulations

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) recently unveiled new regulations with the goal of making sure consumers are given better options by online gaming operators for ways to review their own gambling activity.

The requirements that online operators will need to have in place by April 1st, 2018 are:

•    ensure consumers are able to directly access 3 months’ worth of account and gambling information, with a minimum period of 12 months available on request
•    ensure account and gambling history provides easy to understand totals for a defined period (for example, the ability to be able to view transaction history for the previous two months)
•    give consumers access to information about their net deposits (ie the running total of all deposits minus the sum of all withdrawals)
•    allow consumers to set financial limits across their entire gambling account as well as individual games.

UKGC program director Sharon McNair said in a press release:

The findings of our recent consultation indicate that there are differences in approach amongst licensees in relation to the level of information available to their consumers and the ease by which that information is accessible. The new requirements seek to address this and ensure greater consistency in the information available to consumers regardless of who they choose to gamble with.

Gambling operators must see beyond the bottom line, and ensure both new and existing gambling products are effectively managing the risks to the licensing objectives, keeping gambling safe and fair for all.

Being able to check account information with great detail is fantastic, but players still need to be able to get to their funds. A week prior to the announcement of the new regulations, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) opened an investigation into alleged practices by some online gambling operators that could serve to prevent players from withdrawing funds from their accounts.

The practices have to do with “know your customer” (KYC) rules, in which operators are required to verify player identities to prevent things like fraud and money laundering. The problem, though, is that some operators are allegedly being way too restrictive with the implementation of these checks, resulting in in customers being unable to cash out.

UKGC chief executive Sarah Harrison said:

Identity checks are an important duty on the industry to prevent money laundering and to ensure responsible gambling. Where operators haven’t met those obligations, we have taken clear action.

However, those checks cannot be used as an excuse to unduly restrict legitimate customers from withdrawing their funds. If the CMA finds specific consumer protection failings in this area, it will add further cause for the Commission to review how fairly operators are treating consumers.

It can be a fine line between asking for too much identity verification and too little. On June 21st, the Gambling Commission warned operators that it could take disciplinary action for “not effectively managing money laundering and social responsibility risks, or acting in a fair and open manner.”

The Commission noted that it has found that some operators only ask for identification from customers when it is time to cash out, which not only means that they aren’t taking necessary KYC steps early and at the same time could be frustrating customers with unforeseen inconvenience when all they want is their money.

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PokerStars 100 Millionth Customer Promo Awards Some StarsCoin

 PokerStars 100 Millionth Customer Promo Awards Some StarsCoin

Historically, a PokerStars promotion has been something people can get excited about. So when I tell you that PokerStars is running a promo to celebrate the site’s 100 millionth player (including Full Tilt and all country-specific sites), you wouldn’t be crazy to get your hopes up. But don’t. I mean, yes, it is a promotion and yes, you can win something of value, but frankly, it’s a bit of a disappointment. But you know what? If you are going to play at PokerStars, anyway, and these promos end up fitting in to your game selection, go for it.

For the first two weeks of the month (starting yesterday, of course, but don’t worry about it – it shouldn’t be a bid deal), PokerStars has a couple VIP Steps Challenges for its players. Those who complete VIP Steps Challenge 1 by leveling up three VIP Steps during the two weeks will have a chance to win up to 1 million StarsCoin. VIP Steps Challenge 2 is similar, but it requires the completion of 10 VIP Steps for up to 2 million StarsCoin.

“Up to” is the operative phrase here as the chances of winning a million or two StarsCoin are extremely low. Like with Spin & Go jackpots, the prizes are determined by a probability table. The odds get better the higher up in the VIP tiers a player is, but don’t count on any sort of StarsCoin windfall.

For example, at the BronzeStar level, there is a 54.695 percent chance to win 5 StarsCoin for VIP Steps Challenge 1, a 27.50 percent chance to win 50, a 15 percent chance to win 100, so on and so forth until the 1 million chip prize, which has a .005 percent chance of hitting. The minimum prize is 100 starting with ChromeStars. ChromeStars and up will win 100 or 1,000 StarsCoin the vast majority of the time. The odds for the grand prize only elevate to 0.15 percent at best.

The VIP Steps Challenge 2 prizes are bigger, ranging from 50 to 2 million rather than 5 to 1 million. Odds are a little better to win something of note, but again, whatever.

For the final two weeks of the month, including Leap Day, PokerStars will offer challenges associated with milestones from the site’s history. PokerStars has not revealed what the actual challenges will be, but here are the milestones:

2001 – Launch of Real Money Poker Games
2002 – First WCOOP Main Event
2003 – Moneymaker wins the World Series
2004 – Launch of the EPT
2006 – The Sunday Million is Born
2007 – Daniel Negreanu joins Team PokerStars Pro
2008 – PokerStars hosts World Record Online Poker Tournament
2012 – Launch of the Mobile App
2013 – Launch of Zoom
2013 – 100 Billionth Hand
2014 – $ 10 Million Guaranteed in PCA Main Event
2015 – Football Stars join PokerStars
2015 – 13 Millionaires Made in Spin & Go’s
2015 – 253,692 Players in an Online Poker Tournament
2016 – PokerStars obtains license in New Jersey, USA

Once again, there is a prize probability chart for the challenges, which come in two flavors: Silver and Gold. Most of the time, the prize will be a seat in an All-in Shootout tournament (77.294 percent for Silver, 60.299 percent for Gold), but the rest are cash prizes. For the Silver challenge, the cash prizes range from $ 2 to $ 10,000 (.001 percent chance at the $ 10,000) and for Gold it’s $ 5 to $ 100,000.

The last part of the promo is a simple tournament. For 50 StarsCoin (guess you can use what you earned form the promo the rest of the month), players can enter a $ 100,000 Added VIP Club tournament.

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