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So How Did the Crystal Ball Do on the WSOP Championship Event?

We’ve had almost a week to digest what was one of the better World Series of Poker Championship Event final tables in recent memory. While it was a wire to wire win for Scott Blumstein, it was still entertaining watching the nine men play it out. It was also great to see them play it out with only a slight delay of two days instead of the three months that the “November Nine” inflicted on the players and the fans – it made for a much better tournament. But there’s one thing left over from the WSOP Championship Event final table. Just how did the Poker News Daily “Crystal Ball” do in predicting the finishing order of the players? Overall, not too shabby – the Ball got a couple of the spots right and was a bit off on others. Then there’s a couple of players… Without further ado, let’s

Reviewing Our WSOP Predictions: Crystal Ball…You Have Some Explaining’ To Do!

Early Wednesday morning, the 2016 World Series of Poker Championship Event concluded, crowning a new World Champion. Qui Nguyen dominated (or Gordon Vayo gave up, depending on your viewpoint) en route to the championship, keeping all his opponents off balance with his moves on the felt and boggling the mind of even three-time WSOP bracelet winner Antonio Esfandiari, who was offering commentary from the ESPN broadcast booth, as to what actions he would take. We’ll look at how Nguyen will be as the newly crowned champion later this week, but for now let’s review the Crystal Ball’s selections as to the finishing order…a preliminary look indicates that the Ball has some explaining to do! Ninth – Fernando Pons and Eighth – Jerry Wong (8th) – Predicted eighth and ninth These two picks were arguably the easiest for the Crystal Ball to make when it came to the “November Nine” final