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Poker Pros Doug Polk and Ryan Fee Win Tag Team, “Big One High Roller” Sets Off

The 2016 World Series of Poker crept closer to its Championship Event with the conclusion of the inaugural Tag Team event on Friday. With several top-notch pros entered into the event, it was the duo of Doug Polk and Ryan Fee who walked away as champions. Event #61 – $ 1000 Tag Team No Limit Hold’em The final nine teams left in Event #61 were all looking to ring up the first bracelet in an event that may very well become a staple at the WSOP. The format – teams of two to four players could tag in and out at any time during the course of the tournament – brought several partnerships to the felt, but none were working the format better than Polk and Fee. At the start of the final day of play, Polk and Fee were the only players over the million chip mark with 1.243

All for Nothing: Vanessa Rousso Ousted In Third on “Big Brother”

A two-part public service warning here:  1) Watching reality television is roughly akin to having a lobotomy without the benefit of anesthesia, so don’t do it, and 2) If you want to waste three months, there’s better ways to do it. After three months in which she obviously played the best game of anyone in the house – a fact that was acknowledged by her fellow competitors – poker professional Vanessa Rousso’s own success came back to bite her as she was unceremoniously sent out of the competition in third place on the CBS reality show Big Brother. When we last left the Big Brother compound, Rousso had just split the “bromance” of John and Steve up by sending John to the Jury House, hot on the heels of her being the Head of Household that had busted up the “showmance” of Austin and Liz. “You’ll never win this game

Vanessa Rousso Fights to Final Three of “Big Brother,” Has Chance at Final Two

n what has been a tumultuous two days, poker professional Vanessa Rousso has put herself in position to be under consideration for the $ 500,000 first prize on the CBS reality show Big Brother. After fighting her way into the final three, Rousso now has the potential to make the final two. Come next week, Rousso may be one of the people who is considered by a Jury vote for the victory in the competition. After winning the Head of Household on last Thursday’s episode, Rousso knew that there were plenty of issues that she still faced. Situated between two partnerships – the “showmance” between Austin and Liz and the “bromance” between Steve and John – Rousso had to tread lightly in making decisions as the HoH. After interviewing all the contestants, Rousso would decide to put up John and Steve for elimination. The Power of Veto competition would prove

Vanessa Rousso’s Partner says It’s “Absolutely Not True” CBS is Fixing “Big Brother”

As they are pulling into the final week of what has been a summer-long run, the CBS reality television show Big Brother is down to its final five competitors. Of the five houseguests remaining, one is poker professional Vanessa Rousso. Rousso has shown a dominant mental game throughout the run of this summer’s program, but she still has to make it down to the final two and, after that, through the Jury that will decide who wins the $ 500,000 grand prize. But what would be tougher, being on the inside and playing the game or sitting on the outside and worrying about the game? You might have noticed that, when she knows she is on camera, Rousso will kiss her ring finger. That is an “I love you” to her partner, Melissa Ouellet, whom Vanessa has been away from now for almost 90 days and who has been sweating

Rumors Say “The Fix Is In” For Vanessa Rousso to Win “Big Brother”

If it wasn’t for the factor that there is a poker player involved in the proceedings, the number of people in the poker community watching the CBS reality show Big Brother would probably be much smaller than its current levels. With poker professional Vanessa Rousso in the final five players in the competition, rumors are now beginning to leak out that “the fix is in” from producers of the popular reality program and CBS executives to have Rousso win this year’s competition. According to several popular Big Brother fan sites and blogs (the true fans of a television series, while sometimes overly analytical and pessimistic about their favorite series, are sometimes on track with show rumors), unnamed personnel that work on the show have stated that producers have had the show set up for Rousso to win pretty much since the start of this year’s competition. These sources state that