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France, Portugal, Spain Eyeing Early 2018 for Shared Liquidity, Italy Trails Behind

In July, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain agreed to merge their online poker player liquidity finally doing something positive for poker players after years of each country being ring-fenced from the world. It now appears that Italy may be lagging in its ramp up toward shared player pools and the other countries may start without it. We don’t know why the four countries decided to separate their players from each other and the rest of world, though one might guess it was something to do with lawmakers thinking their regulations are superior to everyone else’s, so letting players from other countries play in their market would…I don’t know. Whatever. When the four countries signed their agreement in July, they issued a brief statement: The 6th of July the French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian online gambling regulatory authorities signed an agreement concerning online poker liquidity sharing. This agreement aims at improving

Marti Roca De Torres Comes from Behind to Earn WSOP-E Championship Event Title

After an epic 14-hour battle in which he fought from an extremely disadvantageous position, Marti Roca De Torres was able to come back and defeat Gianluca Speranza to win the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe Championship Event bracelet. The six players coming back on Friday to determine the championship ran the gamut of poker experience. Chip leader Maria Ho (7.83 million) was riding a hot streak as the leader for the last two days and arguably was one of the most experienced players on the felt. Roca De Torres was right behind her, however, with his 7.26 million stack but not the same wealth of experience. After them, the contenders were few as Gianluca Speranza (4.4 million), WSOP bracelet winner Niall Farrell (3.025 million), Mathijs Jonkers (2.785 million) and Robert Bickley (1.085 million) rounded out the table. Roca De Torres came out of the stall firing and it nearly

Niall Farrell Comes From Behind to Win EPT Malta Main Event; Byron Kaverman Scores in High Roller

In a battle that lasted over four hours, the United Kingdom’s Niall Farrell battled through a difficult final table to take down his first major championship at the European Poker Tour’s stop at the Portomaso Casino in Malta. As Farrell was taking home his title, the United States’ Byron Kaverman was putting another notch in his belt for 2015 in winning the €10,000 High Roller championship. EPT Malta Main Event Six men came back on Saturday to take part in the final table festivities (Daniel Dvoress and Nabil Cardoso, eliminated in seventh and eighth places respectively on Friday, will earn credit for an EPT final table finish) with Alen Bilic holding about a 2.5 million chip lead over Farrell. The rest of the field – Jaroslaw Sikora (2.455 million), Sam Greenwood (1.605 million) Rainer Kempe (1.515 million) and Giulio Spampinato (1.18 million) – had their work cut out for them

$200 NLHE Full Ring: live casino $1/3, QQ facing 3 bet and 5 behind. Shove/fold?

warning: this is a very in-depth post and I only recommend you read it if you know a thing or two about probability. This was a hand I experienced last night at my local casino. I want answers to focus around the math I have presented to see if there are holes in it anywhere (or my assumptions for the math), as my gut still says this is a fold, but the math says otherwise. Important information to note: x4-x5 bb has been the standard pre flop raise at the table all night (which sucked btw). See the attachment for a visual of the hand. players 1. and 2. had me covered, player 3 had ~$ 190 before the hand. Player 1 is tight, passive. I would assign his PFR ~ 5. player 2 is a regular, and is loose, fishy, but his 3 bet range in early position is