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Jackpot Digital’s Jake Kalpakian: “Jackpot Blitz is Different than Other Automated Tables”

In the business world, one of the key things to have is a leader that not only knows his product and audience but also has the vision to move forward in that industry. Jake Kalpakian, the Chief Executive Officer of Jackpot Digital, is arguably one of those people. Through his vision and leadership, he has moved Jackpot Digital from mobile phones into the casino gaming industry and, by extension, into the poker arena. Jackpot Digital’s major offering for the poker world is its entirely automated table known as Jackpot Blitz. The Jackpot Blitz table will be making its debut in 2018, but it has roots that stretch back a decade. With Kalpakian helming the company, the Jackpot Blitz table may make more of an impact on the live poker world than its predecessors did. Poker News Daily had a chance to speak with Kalpakian recently, where we learned more about

Can Jackpot Digital Change Minds Regarding Automated Poker Tables?

One of the things that can be said about poker players is they are set in their ways. Perhaps it is because of the nature of the game, doing things with a certain repetition as to not give up any information, that causes this staid nature. It can be seen in some poker player’s reactions to what is an eventuality in the world of casino games, the move towards automation. Check out any gaming convention around the world and see just what is being put out as the “next big thing” in casino gaming. It is automated tables, using video games and/or video production instead of putting physical gaming product (dice, cards, chips, etc.) on the floor. Blackjack games are becoming digitalized, with no cards or chips in sight, and other games like baccarat and roulette are also moving in that direction. While this may have been a recent phenomenon,