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Second Wave of Absolute Poker Refunds Approved

A month ago, former Absolute Poker (AP) customers who had their funds stolen by the site’s owners when AP disappeared after Black Friday saw the first wave of refunds hit their bank accounts. Those people who did not receive their money but still submitted valid claims should be seeing their money in the near future. The Garden City Group (GCG), the Department of Justice-selected claims administrator, recently announced the second wave of payments has been approved. The GCG wrote on its site that “within the next few weeks,” all those who submitted approved petitions will be notified via e-mail with the dollar amount they will be receiving plus the method of payment. Instructions will be included on how to submit banking information for electronic transfers. Those who owe money to the government will also receive their money if their petitions were approved, but they will have money taken out to

Claims Process for Lost Absolute Poker Funds Begins

Now that the claims process for players’ lost Full Tilt Poker funds is just about over, it’s time for – SURPRISE! – Absolute Poker claims. Seriously (or Cereusly…get it?). Absolute Poker. Full Tilt Poker naturally got all the headlines after Black Friday as it was an extremely high profile online poker room founded by famous poker players and customers had well over $ 100 million dollars frozen. Absolute Poker was well known in the poker community – it was one of the higher profile U.S.-facing sites and famously was one of two (along with UltimateBet) that had a superuser scandal – but it kind of just disappeared. It may have been that it no longer had the big name pros attached to it, it may have been that after the superuser scandal, people weren’t surprised by more bullshit. Absolute Poker disappeared and that was that. Nobody really thought much of