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2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Day 2: Aaron Mermelstein in Command

 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Day 2: Aaron Mermelstein in Command

The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event is one of the few “major” live poker tournaments on the calendar not to be associated with a larger tour like the World Poker Tour, PokerStars Championship, or World Series of Poker. Yesterday was a busy day for the SHRPO, as the 266 players who made it through Day 1 were whittled to just 30 by the end of Day 2, crossing the money bubble in the process (“crossing”?). Aaron Mermelstein leads with 2.706 million chips, the only player above the 2 million chip mark.

Mermelstein’s biggest hand of the day and the one that really gave him his upwards momentum, came during Level 19 with 45 players remaining. Pre-flop, he raised to 27,000, only to see Ashton Griffin three-bet to 70,000. After the rest of the table folded, Mermelstein called to bring on a flop of 2-9-T. The action went check-check and a King was dealt on the turn. Mermelstein checked again, Griffin bet 115,000 chips, but then Mermelstein check-raised to 265,000, a bet which Griffin called. With a 6 on the river, Mermelstein bet 400,000 chips, more than what Griffin had left in his stack. Griffin made the call for his remaining 290,000 chips and turned over pocket tens for a flopped set. Mermelstein, though, had 8-7 suited for a rivered straight. Griffin was out of the tournament in 45th place, while Mermelstein grew his chip stack to 1.8 million.

Aaron Mermelstein has just over $ 2 million in lifetime live tournament earnings, according to Most of his cashes are in the four to mid-five figure range, though his largest is $ 712,305, which he achieved by winning a $ 3,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at the 2015 Borgata Winter Poker Open. He has a couple recent cashes in major events, including a 426th place finish in the World Series of Poker Main Event and a 39th place finish in the World Poker Tour Choctaw Main Event.

One interesting player left with chips is Joe Kuether, who made the final table of the $ 1,100 event at the SHRPO. Normally, that is just cool, seeing someone make deep runs in two events, but in this case, it could pose a problem for him (a good one). The final table of the $ 1,100 event has not been run yet – it will take place on Tuesday. So, if he makes it far enough in the SHRPO Main Event, Kuether might end up getting some exercise running back and forth between tournaments.

The plan for Monday is to play down to the nine-handed final table. Everyone beginning Monday’s action is already guaranteed at least $ 19,531, with the last player to be eliminated Monday afternoon or evening receiving $ 61,303.

2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1. Aaron Mermelstein – 2,706,000
2. Adam Levy – 1,960,000
3. Yi Chi Li – 1,816,000
4. Matt Berkey – 1,795,000
5. Samuel Bernabeu – 1,285,000
6. Odie Dardon – 1,154,000
7. David Sands – 1,044,000
8. Glenn Becker – 1,029,000
9. Michael Aron – 1,000,000
10. Diana Shirey – 923,000

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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Aaron Paul Makes it to Day 2

 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Aaron Paul Makes it to Day 2

The second of the two starting flights of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event went down on Monday, as 470 players paid the $ 5,000 for what used to be the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Somewhere in the vicinity of 260 players lasted all the way through the night to make it to Tuesday’s Day 2. Coming out on top of Day 1B was James Juvancic with 271,800.

With that lofty chip total, Juvancic is also the overall chip leader heading into Day 2. Andrew Ryan also finished Day 1B with more than 200,000 chips, through his 224,300 is a far cry from Juvancic’s stack. Nobody from Day 1A topped the 200,000 chip mark, so Sunday’s chip leader, James Martyn, goes into Day 2 third on the leader board.

Juvancic ranks 361st on the Global Poker Index and has over $ 450,000 in lifetime live tournament earnings. His largest cash came this past August when he finished fourth in the WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main Event for $ 81,707. He also finished 136th in the World Series of Poker Main Event this past summer.

One player many had their eyes on during Day 1B was actor Aaron Paul, star of the hit AMC series, “Breaking Bad.” Paul recently participated in the Global Poker League as a member of the L.A. Sunset, the lone non-poker celebrity in the entire league. During Level 3, Paul had what was likely his most significant hand of the day.

Reporting from the turn, PokerNews relayed that on a board of 6-Q-7-5, Chino Rheem bet 1,675 chips, only to be raised to 4,000 by the Emmy Award-winning actor. Rheem re-raised to 10,000 and Paul called. Another 6 showed up on the river, prompting Paul to move all-in for his last 11,000 chips. Rheem called, asking Paul if he had “fives full.”

Paul flipped over his cards revealing that he did not have fives full, but rather Queens full, having flopped a set of Queens and then hitting the full house on the river.

Rheem, ever the loveable member of the poker community (NOTE: sarcasm), didn’t want to show what he had, but the dealer said he had to, according to the rules.

“Why? He fucked me,” said Rheem, who has never fucked over anybody in his poker career. Oh, no. Not at all.

Rheem showed 8-4 for a turned straight and now we all feel so sorry for him. Aaron Paul finished the day with 74,700 chips.

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    James Juvancic – 271,800
2.    Andrew Ryan – 224,300
3.    Damian Steel – 165,000
4.    Jan Kralik – 164,900
5.    Mattias Priolo – 160,800
6.    Felipe Ramos – 156,800
7.    Mariano Martiradonna – 151,800
8.    Steve Kerr – 147,800
9.    Erling Voje – 140,800
10.    Valentin Messina – 139,900

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas – Combined Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    James Juvancic – 271,800
2.    Andrew Ryan – 224,300
3.    Brad Marsh – 173,200
4.    Damian Steel – 165,000
5.    Jan Kralik – 164,900
6.    Mattias Priolo – 160,800
7.    Andre Crooks – 160,400
8.    Felipe Ramos – 156,800
9.    Rodrigo Cordoba – 156,400
10.    Mikko Turtiainen – 155,100

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GPL Summer Series Heat 1: Aaron Paul Makes Debut

 GPL Summer Series Heat 1: Aaron Paul Makes Debut

The 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is well underway in at the Rio in Las Vegas and of course, that is going to be the talk of the poker world for much of this summer. Not to be forgotten, though, is the Global Poker League, which began its Summer Series last week with Heat 1, live at the GPL studios in Vegas.

The Summer Series is similar to the heads-up rounds of the GPL’s regular season, except that, as mentioned, these contests are held live. As most professional poker players are in town for the WSOP or at least part of it, the Global Poker League took this portion of the poker calendar is a great opportunity to get the competitors out from behind the safety of their computer screens and in front of each other for the one-on-one matches. Also in contrast to the regular season, these matches are inter-conference, pitting a team from one conference against a team from the other.

The highlight of the GPL Summer Series Heat 1 was the debut of actor Aaron Paul, best known for his
Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in the decorated AMC television series, “Breaking Bad.” Paul was the only non-poker pro to be selected for one of the GPL’s twelve teams, chosen by LA Sunset manager Maria Ho as one of her Wild Card picks. His selection was clearly a PR move, but it is not like Ho can just hide him and let the other members of her team carry him along. Each player must play in a minimum number of contests during the season, so it was inevitable that Paul would have to put his poker skills to the test at some point.

Paul played in the very first heads-up contest of the Summer Series for the LA Sunset, pitted against the manager of the Paris Aviators, Fabrice Soulier. Their match marked the first appearance of The Cube on a GPL broadcast; the two men were isolated from the rest of the broadcast studio in the huge plexiglass box. Rather than sit at a poker table with a live dealer, Paul and Soulier stood facing each other, each with a pedestal-mounted tablet in front of them with which they could interact in order to see their hole cards and input their bets. Also in between them were two monitors that displayed the community cards.

It what was perhaps a surprise, Aaron Paul took two out of three games from Fabrice Soulier, earning six points for his team. Soulier earned three points for his lone win. The first two games were decided fairly quickly, as neither lasted more than 50 hands, but the rubber match dragged on, requiring 109 hands before Paul wrapped it up.

There were two clean sweeps last week: Montreal’s Martin Jacobson won all three games against Hong Kong’s Randy Lew and Sao Paolo’s Felipe Ramos earned nine points against Berlin’s Jeff Gross. Additionally, the Americas Conference won every match last week.

GPL Summer Series Heat 1 Results

LA Sunset (Aaron Paul) 6, Paris Aviators (Fabrice Soulier) 3
San Francisco Rush (Jonathan Jaffe) 6, Moscow Wolverines (Dzmitry Urbanovich) 3
Las Vegas Moneymakers (Scott Ball) 6, London Royals (Chris Moorman) 3
Montreal Nationals (Martin Jacobson) 9, Hong Kong Stars (Randy Lew) 0
Sao Paolo Mets (Felipe Ramos) 9, Berlin Bears (Jeff Gross) 0
New York Rounders (Kevin MacPhee) 6, Rome Emperors (Timothy Adams) 3

Global Poker League Standings

Americas Conference

Montreal Nationals – 115 points
LA Sunset – 101 points
New York Rounders – 93 points
Sao Paolo Mets – 91 points
San Francisco Rush – 75 points
Las Vegas Moneymakers – 71 points

Eurasia Conference

London Royals – 100 points
Moscow Wolverines – 95 points
Hong Kong Stars – 91 points
Paris Aviators – 89 points
Berlin Bears – 74 points
Rome Emperors – 66 points

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Aaron Sorkin Won’t Use “Actual” Names in Movie Adaptation of “Molly’s Game”

 Aaron Sorkin Won’t Use “Actual” Names in Movie Adaptation of “Molly’s Game”

For those that were looking for a big blockbuster expose of the A-listers from Hollywood that frequented the biggest poker games around in the early Ought’s, you’re going to be disappointed. According to the screenwriter and director, he’s not going to “name names,” so to speak.

According to several outlets, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is hard at work adapting author Molly Bloom’s tome Molly’s Game for the big screen. Also slated to be his directorial debut, Sorkin has been adamant that he will not be using the names of the players that took part in Bloom’s offerings, which included Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. “A number of people in the game are bold face names, they’re people who you would know,” Sorkin commented to reporter Emily Morgan recently. “You can Google this and see the sort of tabloid version of the story, but there’s a much better story under the tabloid version of the story.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sorkin is seeing another story in Bloom’s book, not the dashing poker tale replete with movie stars, Hollywood executives, hedge fund managers, businessmen and the like. “I don’t want the movie to be about gossip,” Sorkin said to reporter Stephen Galloway. “I wouldn’t want it to [be], under any circumstances, but in this particular case, the reason why she is a movie hero, the reason why she’s worth writing about in the first place, is that by the end of the whole thing – even if it meant saving her life, guaranteeing her own freedom, she wouldn’t have to go to jail for four years, even if it meant the restoration of all the money the government took away from her- she would not name a single [person], she wouldn’t tell a story. She could have. She wrote a book for which she could have gotten a $ 2 million advance. She got a $ 35,000 advance instead.”

While Sorkin is saying that he will go to “great lengths” to obscure the identities of people who played in the game, Bloom was only descriptive about one in her book and it was perhaps because of the ludicrousness of the situation. We at Poker News Daily reviewed Bloom’s book in late 2014 and had this to say about that particular situation:

Coming off as the hugest douche of her group (according to Bloom’s writing) was actor Tobey Maguire. Bloom acquiesces to nearly all of his demands for playing in her game (knowledge of who was playing and usage of a shuffling machine that he provided for a fee, among others) and Maguire ended up screwing Bloom in the end. First, he attempts to force her to earn a meager tip of $ 1000 (with more than a quarter million of his money in the game) by making her sit on a table and bark for it. Then, he pushes her out of the game because he believes that she is making “too much” money through her tips. While Maguire has proven to be very impersonal during his trips to the World Series of Poker (to the point of being quite the jerk), these steps (if true) go way over the line.

Sorkin has apparently finished the screenplay, but an actual cast hasn’t been put together yet. Jessica Chastain has been rumored to be in the running to portray Bloom on the silver screen, but there is no other information as to other cast members. There also isn’t a studio behind the effort, although Sony Pictures has been an outlet for Sorkin’s previous works.

If, and, or when Molly’s Game comes to the big screen, people probably aren’t going to see very much that was a part of the book. Sorkin says he will be focused on Bloom’s early life (“She was this close to going to the Olympics”), including her schooling at Harvard University and how she came to California to try to decide what to do with her future. The 12 years that she spent running the biggest cash games in the world – ones that would frequently net her six-figure sums for organizing said games – might actually be a sidelight come the final cut of the screenplay.

According to Sorkin, he has come up with the close of the film and it is what Bloom used for the book: “We were talking about failure, and she says at the end of the movie that — she quotes Winston Churchill, who said, “Success is defined by being able to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

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Aaron Mermelstein Wins Inaugural WPT Maryland Live! Main Event

 Aaron Mermelstein Wins Inaugural WPT Maryland Live! Main Event

Aaron Mermelstein joined a select group of poker players Tuesday as he became just the 25th repeat winner in World Poker Tour (WPT) history, as he took the crown in the inaugural WPT Maryland Live! Main Event. Not only was it his second WPT title, but it was also the second he earned this calendar year, the first coming in January when he won the WPT Borgata Winter Open in Atlantic City. For his efforts this week, Mermelstein cashed for a quarter-million dollars and a seat in the season-ending WPT World Championship.

Mermelstein began the six-handed final table in second place with 2.295 million chips. As mentioned in a previous article, he was part of distinct upper-class of the final table, as 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event Champ Greg Merson had 3.28 million and Xin Wang had 2.26 million, while the bottom three players didn’t even have as many combined as Wang did by himself. Here is a look at how the chip stacks “stacked” up going into the final table:

1.    Greg Merson – 3,280,000
2.    Aaron Mermelstein – 2,295,000
3.    Xin Wang – 2,260,000
4.    Andjelko Andrejevic – 775,000
5.    Cate Hall – 695,000
6.    Ken Holmes – 685,000

As expected, the two shortest stacks were the first to go. Ken Holmes, the lone non-professional poker player at the table, ended up all-in with J-7 ten hands into play and was outdone by Andjelko Andrejevic’s pocket Eights.

About six orbits later (thanks to for the updates), Cate Hall was all-in with K-5 and again had to try to defeat pocket Eights. This time, it was Wang with the pair that held up and Hall was gone in fifth place.

The next elimination was a shocker. Both Mermelstein and Andrejevic had taken big chunks out of Greg Merson’s stack and Mermelstein jumped into the chip lead, holding as many chips as the other three players did combined. He was the one to knock out Merson, using pocket Jacks to defeat Merson’s T-8 after a Ten landed on the flop.

A few hands later, Andrejevic was eliminated in third place, K-6 suited against Wang’s Queens. Thus, it was Mermelstein against Wang for the championship, with Mermelstein starting with an overwhelming four-to-one chip lead. It was a quick battle. Wang wasn’t able to put up much of a fight, surrendering most of the pots to his opponent with a wall of chips. Eventually, Wang had to try something, so he ended up all-in with A-8 suited, but couldn’t improve against Mermelstein’s pocket Sixes, giving Mermelstein the pot, all of the chips, and his second WPT title.

2015 World Poker Tour Maryland Live! Main Event – Final Table Results

1. Aaron Mermelstein – $ 250,222
2. Xin “Tony” Wang – $ 164,765
3. Andjelko Andrejevic – $ 105,981
4. Greg Merson – $ 78,449
5. Cate Hall – $ 58,589
6. Ken Holmes – $ 47,091

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