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888poker Launches Flopomania

888poker launched its new game, Flopomania, on Sunday, three weeks after accidentally activating the Flopomania tables early (and that was the second time 888poker jumped the gun). The game is official now, though, and it seems that so far, players have been eager to try it out. A Flopomania game plays just like a regular poker game most of the time with one significant exception: there is no pre-flop betting. Instead, the hole cards and flop are dealt right away and betting starts with the flop. From there, everything proceeds as normal. There are no blinds, either. Everyone antes up at the beginning of the hand. The player to the left of the dealer is first to act and is called, appropriately, the “First to Act Player,” since there is no small blind or big blind. Flopomania is clearly designed to create action, which could both keep players engaged and

888Poker Offers List of Most Influential Poker Books

There are many a book regarding the game in the library of poker players and its historians. They can run the gamut from simple (or sometimes not so simple) strategy discussions to autobiographies to historical books regarding significant moments in time. There have been attempts in the past to “rank” the best out there, but an online poker site seems to have come up with the most comprehensive rating in some time. Earlier this week, 888Poker and writer Lee Davy published their list of the “most influential poker books in history.” After surveying 56 poker professionals from around the world (actual names aren’t mentioned by Davy but he writes that they have accrued “$ 184 million in tournament earnings and more than 40 major titles”) and offering them 129 different titles for review, the numbers were crunched to come up with the Top 59 (counting ties) selections. Of course, when

888poker Withdraws from Australia

On Monday, 888poker closed all Australian accounts for its popular online poker room. Players were given little warning, only receiving an e-mail about the disappointing event on January 13th. The message in the e-mail was as follows: Following a business reevaluation, we’d like to inform you that 888poker’s services are not being offered to players residing in Australia and therefore your account will be closed as of 16/01/2017. You’ll continue to be able to withdraw all funds from your bankroll using our web cashier. If you’ve already registered to any of our tournaments starting from 16/01/2017 onwards, please unregister as you won’t be able to participate. Regards, 888poker team 888 did not explain what this “business reevaluation” actually entailed, but dollars to doughnuts it has to do with the proposed Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016, which would update the country’s decade-and-a-half-old online gaming laws. Advanced by Australia’s Minister for Human

888Poker Running Promos in Conjunction with BLAST Poker Launch

With the launch of BLAST Poker this week, 888Poker has also initiated some promotions to go along with its new Lottery Sit & Go variant. Through September 19th, 888Poker is running daily freeroll tournaments to celebrate BLAST, giving players a chance to win cash prizes and BLAST Poker tickets. There are two types of daily freerolls during the promotional period: $ 3,000 Big Bang Tournament – twice daily at 13:05 and 23:05 GMT – awards cash prizes $ 5,000 Blast Off Tournament – once daily at 18:05 GM – awards BLAST tournament tickets Every 888Poker players has been automatically given four free tickets for those tournaments (it is not exactly clear if it is two tickets for each type of freeroll or if all four tickets can be used in either), but players can win additional tickets. Any player who has made a real money deposit is eligible to complete

888Poker Launches BLAST Poker Lottery Sit & Go

I just wrote one article about Lottery Sit & Go’s, so might as well write another, while the subject is on my mind. Guess today is an all-Lottery day. The news on this page: 888poker has launched its own Lottery Sit & Go version this week, called BLAST Poker. Like any Lottery Sit & Go, BLAST Poker is a short-handed, hyper-turbo (two minute blind levels) game with small starting stacks. One all players are seated, the prize pool is announced; it can be 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1,000x, or 10,000x the game’s buy-in. Most sites make these games three-handed, but BLAST Poker goes its own way with four players per table. But that’s not at all interesting, so 888 came up with another change, one that will make these games even less skill-based than they already were. After a certain number of levels, all players will be automatically forced all-in