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Creating A Successful Slot Machine Is All About Character

What makes a slot machine successful? How does a slots game get more attention than the rest? Making a slot machine that enthralls players is the aim of every casino operator and discovering what attracts players to a particular slot machine is the biggest challenge for gaming manufacturers. But, is there a reason for a gamer's preference for one particular game over its rival?

Rainbow Riches has proven to be the most successful slot games of its kind in the United Kingdom and when making a slots game, Rainbow Riches is the benchmark of success for any gaming organisation. Just what about it though has made it so successful?

The one feature of Rainbow Riches that has been kept constant throughout its history is its character; the annoyingly-chirpy Rainbow Riches leprechaun. He is recognised across the country and when gamer's think about the Rainbow Riches franchise, they remember the leprechaun mascot first and foremost.

It's a controversial idea; that a mascot can mean the life or death of a slots machine. However it's one of the reasons why Rainbow Riches is so successful.

Every popular slots machine has a memorable figurehead as its mascot. When players think of a slot machine, they often associate it with the mascot. If the machine mascot isn't memorable or if it's forgettable, there's a strong possibility they won't recall playing the game at all.

Being a leprechaun - known for their untold wealth - also helps people recall the character. Gamers associate leprechauns with riches and power and it's just the motivation they need to play Rainbow Riches. Just as there are slots' characters like treasure hunters, rich playboys and pillaging pirates, Rainbow Riches features a leprechaun; a mythical figure who, according to legend, shared his money with whoever was lucky enough to see him. Despite their recent penchant for oil ships, pirates are famed for their stashes of rupees and diamonds. Canary Wharf bankers used to be regular slot machine characters. Whether the recent economic developments in the world will affect their standing is anyone's guess. A casino crunch, perhaps? Mascots associated with money aren't the only characters that are used to represent slot machines though; there is a huge range of mascot varieties used to appeal to a slot gamer.

Sex Sells

As many teenage boys will tell you, sex usually sells. It's no different for slot games. A sexy character - man or female - will draw in gamers. A number of slot machines

rely on an attractive beauty to stand for their game, for simple reasons, and while the Rainbow Riches leprechaun or the monocled Monopoly man has their own attractive points, even the most regular gamers of Rainbow Riches and Monopoly slots will agree that their sex appeal is minimal.

Famous Faces

The gender gap isn't as large in the slot game world though and many a gent has found themselves as the centre of attention on a slot machine. Debatably, the most famous slots face is the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley. The singing legend from Memphis is a popular slots machine star and his recognisable looks - complete with snarling lip - is a regular feature on many slot games. Elvis' flame shone whitest in Vegas and his appearances there have establishes him as the face of many slot games. Gamers associate his image with wealth, fame and the entourage of screaming fans and they want a piece of it.

Using a face from entertainment past onto slot games is not just the destiny of rock and roll artists though and feature films, landmarks and celebrities have all been featured in slot machine games Throughout the history of slots - from the Liberty Bell to Rainbow Riches - famous places and faces have been used to entice players to slot machines. Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Harrison Ford has been used as representatives for slot machines; in particular, a movie-slots tie-in, including music and clips from the film often attracts novice slot players, drawn in by the brave heroes from their favourite films. It gives players an in-depth experience of the movie. It makes them feel like they're part of the film.

From the Rainbow Riches leprechaun to the unstoppable Terminator, a slot game mascot has the power to directly grow the success of a slots game. Slot characters may be affluent, beautiful or a celebrity and whatever decision a casino organisation takes when choosing a character for their latest slot machine, the mascot needs to be memorable. It's how a slot machine works. Slot machine mascots make a game a favourite.

Marcus Miles is an amateur gamer, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He has been writing about gaming-related issues for over ten years, having started his career writing about gaming in the editorial department of a regional poker magazine in Liverpool. He has been a contributor to a number of internet gaming websites, most recently online casino Kerching

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