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Free Roulette System That Will Make You A Winner

If you are into playing roulette, then you must enjoy winning. It is very rare to find someone winning consecutive times in roulette. But if you want to play simply because you want to gain more money, then what you need to do is think up of a certain strategy. But if you can't think of one, then let me share with you a free roulette system.

This free roulette system is a good strategy that will help you win and gain money as much as possible. This system though, does not let you gain a great amount of money, but it can assure you that you can win as many times as you can.

This free roulette system focuses on betting on dozens. This means that you get to bet on the first dozen, numbered from 1 to 12, the second dozen, numbered 13 to 24 and third dozen, numbered 25 to 36. To use this strategy, you will need a pen and paper or something to write on.

What you need to do is to record if the ball drops on the first dozen, second dozen, third dozen or zero. So if the ball drops to 8, then you will record it as the 1st. If it drops on 23, then you will write 2nd. If it drops on 32, then you will record 3rd. You must do this for numerous times until one of the three dozens does not appear for at least five times. For example, after five spins, you recorded this: 1st, 1st, 3rd, 1st, 3rd. Notice that the second dozen did not appear. At this point in time, you may now place your bet. You are to place your bet on the second dozen, as it did not appear for five consecutive times. In this free roulette system, you can assure yourself

to win after 11 spins at maximum. Consider this table:

Bet -- Stake -- Gain
1 -- $1 -- +$2
2 -- $2 -- +$3
3 -- $3 -- +$3
4 -- $4 -- +$2
5 -- $6 -- +$2
6 -- $9 -- +$2
7 -- $13 -- +$1
8 -- $20 -- +$2
9 -- $30 -- +$2
10 -- $45 -- +$2
11 -- $67 -- +$1

Refer to this table to know how much is at stake on a certain bet. Continuing the example above, we are now ready to bet for the second dozen. So on the first bet, you will stake $1. If you win, you will gain $2 and you may now start the free roulette system all over again. If you lose, then stake $2 and, if you win, gain $3 which would mean you regained the money you lost on the previous bet. If you still lost, you will stake $3 and get $3 in return if you win and so on and so forth. After 11 bets, you will have won. After you won, you will have to start the system again. As you can observe, you will only gain a small amount of money in this system. But this is good enough because you will still be able to gain money which should be greater than what you earn on your work.

Winning in roulette over a long period of time would require you to have a great roulette system that works and guarantees you a chance of winning on a daily basis.

Want to make $1105 a night playing a free roulette system? I'll show you how many people have profited off of roulette successfully at

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